Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello, everyone! New Diva Checking In

Hello, everyone!!!!

I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Decadent Divas. Thank you to my fellow Divas for inviting me. I'm Cara Carnes and I write erotic and steamy contemporary, paranormal and futuristic romances. Oh, and NA and NA paranormal romances too. Okay, my muse has OCD and will venture just about anywhere except historical.

I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2015. I have 10 releases slated so far.

There. I confessed my darkest secret to you all. I love, love, love world building and am an addict. It's like trying to eat only one Hershey's miniatures from the big bag when you rip it open.

Hmm....Jennifer suggested I introduce myself and give you all my social media whatnots. I personally think I'm rather boring. I've lived in Texas my entire life. I live in Austin and love it. There's always an adventure to be had and I'm within striking...erm DRIVING...distance from just about anywhere. I like to consider myself somewhat adventurous. Why not try things at least once or twice, right?

My addictions are office supplies, caffeine and chocolate--not necessarily in that order. I love to chat about books and am a readeraholic. I jokingly say I write to afford my book vice. :)

Okay, that's probably enough yapping about me. I'm putting my social media hookups below. I'd love it if you could introduce yourself to me.

*cheers* *raises shot glass*



  1. Anywhere but historicals!! YESSSSSSS!! So excited to have you!!

  2. Hi Cara! Chocolate and caffeine addiction, I can totally relate.

  3. Welcome Cara!!! So glad you're here. :)