Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Kurchta

Last night I said a final farewell to my friend Kurchta.

We first met in junior high school, and throughout high school, her and I, along with my sister, and our friend Kathi were together all of the time. Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo. (I was Eeny) After school ended we were able to stay close, but then as things  happen in adulthood, distance and circumstance separated us. We were able to keep in touch via social media, and a visit every once a year, but it wasn't the same. And now she's gone.

As I go about my day, I find touches of Kurchta everywhere. Her friendship helped to shape the person I am today. All of our friends do. We choose them. They fill a need we have during certain parts of our lives, which is why sometimes a person is a friend for only a short while, and others for life.
There is a story behind these bubbles

In the last week, I've been thanking those who have been my friends in person. Often we don't hear that we matter to someone, and in a time when the world seems to be ungrateful, I'm finding it more important than ever to give thanks.

So to my friends I have not seen recently, thank you. To my Decadent Diva sisters, Jenn, Sabrina, Chandra, Cait, Cara, Lia and Rebecca, thank you. To my RWA, Evergreen RWA and GSRWA family, thank you. To all of the readers, thank you.

Thank you all,

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  1. In high school several girls go on a scavenger hunt that includes pouring industrial strength bubbles into corporate fountains. This may have happened more than once. This might have also been my idea :-) love you Jenn!

  2. Somehow I'm not shocked by this!!!!!
    Love you too!!!!!!!!! So very sorry you lost your friend. HUGS FROM AFAR, GIRLIE!!!