Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anna's ink- House of Rosenorn

Last month I shared the news that I was getting a new tattoo, and on June 20th I visited Steve at Ghost Dog Tattoo way out, and I do mean waaayy out in Yelm, Washington and got inked. It had been a while since my last tattoo, and I was more nervous this time around then I was back then, but Steve’s set up calmed me down.

Placement is everything, so I knew I wanted to have the art placed on my back were there were fewer curves and less opportunities for sagging and wrinkling as I age, which won’t happen to me because I’m going to be twenty-four forever.(;))  I never really paid any attention to that area of my back before, and as Steve was preparing the stencil, I kept looking over my shoulder at the skin that would be changed forever.

When the stencil went on, I started to laugh. This was it. The moment I waited for for five years. My reward for accomplishing a goal. Three hours later- Ta da!
Fresh Tattoo

Unless you know me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may not know what this symbol is. And as with all symbols, there are several layers of meaning.

Two weeks old
If you ask me, I will tell you that this is the family crest of the House of Rosenorn, but it is much more than that. The Rosenorn family were the rulers of the plant Skandavia in my Heroes of Saturn Series. In the series, the royal guard wear banded tattoos that signify their role within the guard. Since I don’t care for my arms, I decided to have a family crest designed to represent the series. My friend Rob designed the piece and delivered on more than I expected. There’s a science fiction feel which ties into the super hero and space theme, as well as swords for strength and the shield for protection. In the shield and pendant-shaped top you will see the numbers four and two in different positions. The series ended up being four books that released exactly two years apart. The first book and last book released on the same day of the year, which happens to be my birthday. April 2nd.  Cosmic, huh?

The House of Rosenorn crest signifies the launch of my hybrid career. And the first project under that umbrella hits the market in a few weeks. Of course I’ll share that with you all soon.

Who else is ready for some new ink?

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  1. Ink!!!!!! You totally made my day, girlie!!! I love your new tattoo and love that you shared it with everybody. I'm ready for my next one! Had artwork created for it and can't wait until next month when I get it!!! YEA!!!!