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The Hot Guys of Historical Romance with Jess Michaels

The Hot Guys of Historical Romance
Jess Michaels

Hi everyone and a big thanks to Sabrina for letting me stop by and blog today. It’s a pretty crazy week for me because my next book, A Matter of Sin, comes out tomorrow. It’s the first book in my newest series, The Ladies Book of Pleasures. Can you guys guess what I write yet? Um, yeah. Erotic historical romance.

There are so many things I love about erotic historical romance, but one of my favorite things is the hot guys. Think about it, there are so many kinds of hot guys in a historical romance novel. And I've probably written them all, but hey let’s examine them, shall we?

The Rake – This is one my favorites, a man I write a lot (you can find him in Everything Forbidden, my first Jess Michaels novel and one of my reader favorites, as well as many other books of mine). The rake is sexual dynamo and he knows what the ladies want. He plays the field and sees no reason to settle down. I love writing him because he’s so cocky and certain about himself, which makes him really fun to knock down a peg or two with love. I also love that under that wild exterior is often a very good man who will go to the ends of the earth for a woman who finally cracks through that sexy shell. The other thing I like to combine a rake with is…

The Broken Man – The broken man has been through some stuff. Abuse, abandonment, death, loss… they've all shaped him and perhaps cause him to put up walls. He is… super messed up and I adore that. I love that the broken man may even look fully functional, but the heroine can see his pain, all the raw parts that he hides. Maybe only she has the key to freeing him from the pain of the past. In fact, in my books, she pretty much always does. You can find broken men in many of my books, but Christian in Taken By the Duke is one of my favorites.

The Self-Made Man – Now in my world, the Regency world, many of the books are filled with Dukes and Earls and other titled men who have money and power and prestige. But the Regency also signaled the beginning of a time when a man could more easily make his fortune on his own. And since many of those with titles didn't have a lot of money to go with their prestige, well, it wasn't uncommon to see a self-made man floating about amongst the titled masses. My latest book, Beautiful Distraction, has a self-made man as a hero.

The Straight-Laced Gentleman – Another of my favorite historical romance heroes is the straight-laced gentleman. He is a man of honor, driven to do what’s right. Yes, he enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, but he isn't obsessed with them (until the heroine, perhaps). Part of his conflict may come into play if he believes he cannot have the heroine thanks to his duty. My book that comes out tomorrow has this very hero! In A Matter of Sin, Seth is bound do what is right… even if it means losing a chance at love. Very tortured and desperate, I promise you.

So what are YOUR favorite historical heroes?

Jess Michaels always liked the "good parts" in romance novels, so erotic historical romance seems to be the best fit for her. She has written nearly 50 books an has been a bestseller and award-winner. You can find her at

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