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How Well Do You Know Your Erotic Romance Authors Contest

How Well Do You Know Your Erotic Romance Authors


Five Excerpts, Five Authors, and a Chance to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Lots of Cool Swag!!!

1 . Erin Simone
2.  Eden Bradley
3.  Jennifer Kacey
4.  Sabrina York
5.  Kennedy Lane

Rules you have to guess which author wrote which excerpt and the name of the book if you know.  The reader who guesses all five correctly, or  get's the most correct will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Lots of REALLY Cool Swag.  To enter respond to this blog, leave your answers, and your email address.

Diva Simone will be checking back at the end of the day on July 12th to pick one lucky reader.

Good luck.

Excerpt No. 1:

Ah. God.
So hot. So slick and sweet. She engulfed him in a scorching slide. The ripples of her cunt massaged him. She drenched him with welcome.
“Yes.” She threw her head back and arched into him, pushing against him, goading him on. “Fuck me. Fuck me Dane.”
He growled. And did. Holding her steady, holding her up, he ravaged her, fucking her hard and hot, whipping in and out in a flurry of passion and need. Heat rose quickly, for both of them. She started to flutter and he knew she was close, so he increased his pace. Manic lunges became a tumult, a mad welter of sensation. Harder and higher and, fuck, tighter.
When she came, panting and groaning and biting his shoulder through his shirt, she squeezed him so hard, his vision went red.
The damn burst. He erupted, filled her. Glorious release flooded him as he flooded her.
He dropped his head onto her shoulder and fought for breath, cringing as her delicious orgasm continued around him, milking every drop.
Fucking bliss.
Fucking perfection.
Fuck, yeah.

Excerpt No. 2

“You have no idea what you do to me,” he rasped, seeking her heat. “You’re so wet. God, I knew you would be.” He groaned harshly, separating her weeping flesh to dip inside her core. His thumb circled her clit and she began to grind against him. “That’s it, baby.” He stroked her sensitive nub while his fingers worked to bring her to a quick release.
“Oh please,” she panted.
“Please what?” His voice was guttural as he nipped at her breast through the thin cotton fabric of her shirt.
Pain and pleasure fused together and she cried out, riding his hand. He pinched her clit between his fingers, which set off yet another orgasm.

Excerpt No. 3:

“Well, there are a few things I’m going to tell you. I’m a sadist. I like to hurt pretty girls like yourself. But I also enjoy sensual touch, and that often leads to sex. Is that an issue for you? Sexual contact? Going in one of the back rooms I’m told they have here for more intimate play?”
Her breath hitched, a delicious buzzing beginning between her thighs. Oh, hell—it had been there since the moment she saw him. But now it was an insistent hum, making her wet. For him.
She raised her chin once more, locking her gaze with his as she ground her jaw. She wasn’t even sure why she was angry. Maybe she was angry with herself. For wanting it—him—too much. “No, that’s not a problem. Sir.”
He reached for her and stroked one finger over her jaw, then down the side of her neck, over her collarbone. Her nipples were so damn hard she thought they’d burst the tape.
He was watching her—tuned into her every breath, she knew, every beat of the pulse at her throat, in the way a really good Dom did. She suspected this man was very, very good.

“Time to celebrate the New Year, then, pretty girl. With pain. With pleasure.” He gripped her chin in his strong fingers, forcing her gaze to stay on his. Forcing her to understand that he was the one in charge. Inarguably. Utterly. He said quietly, “Do not forget to call me ‘Sir’. Do not forget that you may not do so in any way other than out of respect. And Roisin? Do not forget that tonight you belong to me.”

Excerpt No. 4:

She huffed. “You’re joking, right? You can’t possibly mean to have sex with me while in a straitjacket.”
“Guess you’ll be waiting to catch my drift then.” He buckled the straps on her back, her waist and her shoulders, tugging and pulling this way and that.
Her outrage would have been more believable if her pussy weren't swollen with need, getting wetter by the minute.
“I had this jacket custom-made for me. This will be its first scene.”
Being the first at anything with him made her giddy. “What’s special about it?”
He lifted her up by the straps on the back like she was a suitcase. “Wrap your arms in front of your chest like you would normally. You might be here a while.”
After following his instructions, he laid her back down on her arms, jerking the sleeves, strapping her arms behind her.
“Why is it special?” she asked again, but it didn't sound like her at all. It was breathy, sexy and a little bit scared.
“The crotch strap.” He grabbed the strap beneath her body, lining it up perfectly to her clit, buckling it behind her somewhere. “It’s made for penetration while you can’t escape.”
She thought a strap would completely cover her clit, but only for a second before his fingers touched her.He petted her, enticing her to wiggle on the bed beneath him.
“That’s…uhh…convenient, Sir.”
“More so than you think.” He grazed her asshole which was just as vulnerable as her soft-pink girly parts.
“Mmm,” filled the space around them.
For once she wanted more but he teased her, snagging a couple black straps out of his bag.
One at a time, he folded her legs in half at the knee, using the strap to bind her leg around her thigh and ankle. He strapped the first one down good and tight, making her curse.
“These will leave a mark for several hours. If you’re a good girl I’ll lick them all better later.”
A happy sigh flitted all around her. She felt like an angel or a fairy.Even though she wasn't flying she felt weightless.
He strapped the other leg, completely immobilizing her.
She didn't feel trussed up, she felt beautiful.
Something touched her asshole, shocking her out of her revelry. She blinked trying to focus, straining to look behind her. “It’s a plug. Like you took in my office, but a bit bigger. I want in that ass tonight and I’m a hell of a lot bigger than the plug you took the other day. Relax, breathe. The sight of your tiny ass opening for me.Fucking sexy.”
He pushed the plug in, retreating when she twitched. He added more lube, rubbing his slick fingers around her ass where the plug was still exposed.
It burned, but she liked it.
Inch by ever-widening inch, he filled her.
She held her breath, fighting it, shaking in the thin thigh cuffs, finally understanding why he put them on her, because she’d have kicked him several times.
“It’s too much,” she blurted out, panting on the pain.
“You know the word I have to hear to stop. If you don’t say it, you can take it. So instead of telling me it’s too much, I’d like a thank you, Sir.”
“Huh? You want me to thank you for—”
Fire exploded across her ass cheek from the palm of his hand descending on it. Several more blows shot straight to her clit.
Her arms jerked, wanting to touch her clit and come, but she’d forgotten she was completely at his mercy.
That thought alone made her clit pulse again. “Thank you, Sir,” she wheezed out.
“Good girl. I’m going to let you come as soon as I get the plug in.” He swiped a thumb across her clit, making her arch to take more of the plug and his diabolical touch.
“Please, Sir…”
“Please what?” He thrust the plug in, forcing it in farther, holding it longer, stretching her.
“Please, put the plug in. I want to come. I need to come. Please.”

“I love hearing you beg. So sexy coming from you.”

Excerpt No. 5:

 “No matter what the level of play is, a submissive should always have a safeword.”  Lach noticed that Phoebe lowered her dress a fraction.  “Did I tell you that you could cover yourself?”
            “Lach, this feels ridiculous.”  Phoebe pushed the fabric down and placed her hands on her hips.  “Maybe if we were in a club setting, following whatever protocol the people had in place, I could see having this scene.  But we’re in the middle of my kitchen.”
            “Did you not say last night that you were willing to submit?”
            “Yes, but this —”
            “You’ve gone to the extent of visiting clubs in person, regardless that you didn’t play.  You stated you understood that this isn’t something that I just amuse myself with…it’s who I am.  From this moment on, you’ll refer to me as Sir and you’ll use red as a safeword should at any time you want this to end.  Am I clear?”
            Phoebe’s disbelief and humor that he would instigate a scene in her kitchen quickly evaporated.  The pace of her breathing quickened and she slowly lowered her arms to where her fingers grasped onto the fabric.  He understood that the first time a submissive uttered a Dom’s title was alarming, yet in that designation was a freedom in which they’d never experienced.  He was honored to be standing in front of Phoebe as she took that step.
            Phoebe’s hesitation was evident, but Lach could see the darkening of her blue eyes to the extent that they shimmered like sapphires.  He waited a beat to see if she’d say or do anything else, but she stood there waiting for his next directive.  He felt a rush of blood enter his cock, but knew that he wouldn’t see any relief this afternoon.  This moment wasn’t about release so much as it was in setting the guidelines to this latest detour in their relationship. 
            “Pull your dress back up over your hips and spread your legs.”  Lach waited patiently for Phoebe to follow this new order and when she did, he saw a small glimmer of sunlight reflect off of her inner thigh indicating her arousal.  “Situate yourself on the end of the counter, keeping your legs properly separated.  I want to explore the body that you’ve just given me.”
            Phoebe’s motions weren’t as graceful as they usually were when she moved her body and that only fueled his desire higher.  Her desire was rising and she was reacting just as he’d hoped.  He couldn’t wait until later this evening when he had her show him each and every corset she owned, having her dress and stand before him.  When she was finally on the countertop having used the stools for leverage, he pushed himself off of the fridge and made his way around to the end where her beautifully exposed body awaited him.
            “Have you looked at yourself with a mirror?” Lach wondered aloud, not waiting for an answer as he used one finger to trail down the side of her pink labia.  It was a shade darker than her lipstick, but he wanted to taste it just the same if not more so.  “Your pussy looks like petals, with a morning dew like a glistening liquid just waiting for me to indulge.”
            “Lach, I —” Phoebe broke off, her surprise evident.  Lach wasn’t sure if it was because he touched her or the fact that he described her pussy in such detail.  “I’m on my counter.”
            “Sir.  You seem to have trouble remembering my title.”  Lach had been in the lifestyle a very, very long time and knew the quickest way to overcome such forgetfulness.  He had enough time to do just that.  “Keep your legs spread or this scene will end and I will bring my bag of toys tonight to do it for you.”
            “Oh, my God,” Phoebe murmured, her head thumping on the granite as she wrapped her fingers around either side of the counter.  “Yes, Sir.”
            His title this one time wasn’t good enough, so Lach set out to make sure forgetting his designation wouldn’t be an issue in the future.  She’d set her boots on the corners, the heels holding onto the hard surface with just their edge.  The width of the counter was enough that he could access her without concern and also enjoy the look of black leather against her fair skin. 
            Lach placed both index fingers on either side of her clit and slowly pulled her folds apart, revealing her entrance and the nectar that pooled there.  He ignored the involuntary contracting of her opening and instead focused on the swollen tissue above it.  Her clitoris was lighter in color, but it wouldn’t be that way for long.  Her blood continued to pump into her sensitive tissue with her quickening pulse.
            “Ask me to lick your clit.”
            “For crying out loud, just —” Lach released her, allowing her pussy to close.  She groaned in frustration.  “Fine!  Sir, please lick my clit.”
            “Much better.”  Lach slowly opened Phoebe once more to reveal her entrance, making sure she knew that she was technically in control with regards to how fast she received an orgasm.  She probably wouldn’t be too happy with the outcome of this afternoon’s scene, but she would damn well be ready tonight and his title would be flowing off of her tongue as if it belonged there.  “Now, ask me like you mean it and put emphasis on that title so you won’t forget.”
            “Sir, please lick my clit.”
            Phoebe’s need was rising and so was the pressure on her clitoris.  Flattening his tongue, he gathered her juices first and then proceeded to run his tongue directly over her most sensitive nerves.  She cried out, but never once moved her legs more than a tremor.  He could see her knuckles whitening as he traced her nub.  He pulled back slightly, blowing air on the overheated flesh.
            “Ask me nicely to suckle you and again, I want to hear my title clearly.”
            “Oh my…Sir, please suck on my clit, please.”
            Lach knew she was now in the moment, but it wasn’t enough.  He did as she asked though, as was his intention.  Phoebe emitted the most adorable little mewing sound he’d ever heard that could only be described as dainty.  He looked forward to the day when it turned into a growl.  He closed his lips around her now very swollen nub and sucked gently, paying attention to the signs her body was producing.  The inside of her thighs were trembling just a little more than before and her back was arching off of the counter.  Every now and then he would run his rough tongue over her clit after having captured it between his teeth.  When her cries became rushed together and her muscles tightened, he pulled his mouth away.
            “Lach, Sir, please.”
            “Tsk-tsk.  Ask me to fill your pussy.”  Lach licked his lips, enjoying the sweet taste of her cream.  He could literally see her body coming down slightly as she tried to formulate her words.  “Ask me to use my finger to breach your entrance.”
            “Sir, p-please finger my pussy.”  Phoebe’s eyes were tightly closed and her head was turned to the side.  There would also come a time when he would make her look directly into his eyes when she gained her release.  There was nothing more beautiful than to witness his woman experience her pleasure.  “Sir, please.”
            Lach stood and released her mounds, noticing that her skin stayed parted for him to view what he was about to do.  Taking his right middle finger, he took his time in gathering her juices, wetting his digit, and spreading it around her opening while carefully avoiding her clit.  Phoebe’s hips rose slightly, attempting to force his attention back to her nub.  Her legs remained apart.  Coating his thumb as well, he placed it over her clitoris while slowly entering her warm sheath with his finger.  Her walls immediately tried to strangle his extremity, but he refused to be rushed. 
            “Your pussy is trying to keep me inside of you, Phoebe.  Your heat is practically scorching my flesh.”  Lach slowly pulled out until he’d reached his last knuckle, all the while making circular movements with his thumb and keeping friction on her clit.  The pad of his middle finger maintained firm contact with the roof of her cave, rubbing the bundle of nerves he knew to be there with each elongated stroke.  It wasn’t long before he once again saw the tremors on her inner thighs begin to quiver.  He stopped all effort.  “Do your breasts feel neglected?”
            It took a moment for Lach’s words to register, but it must have been obvious to her when he didn’t begin his administrations once more that he wanted to be answered.  She inhaled and then exhaled, her chest rising and falling, eventually licking her lips and answering him honestly.
            “Yes, Sir, my breasts feel neglected.”  Phoebe’s breath hitched on her last word.
            “Do you like your breasts played with?  Do you like your nipples to be touched, pulled, bitten?”
            “Yes, Sir, e-especially when I’m —”
            “When I’m ready to come, Sir.”  Phoebe finally opened her eyes and lowered her chin enough so that he could see those beautiful sapphires shining with need.  “I’m ready to come, Sir.  Please.”
            “I know that, Phoebe.  I am watching you very closely.”  Lach could feel that her sheath had relaxed its hold on his finger, so once again he started to slowly move his digit in and out, wanting to take her higher.  Her cream was now dripping off of his knuckle.  He pressed harder on her clit with his thumb, making sure every nerve within her nub responded.  She cried out and one of her heels almost slipped.  His point seemed to be made.  “Who will now control your releases?  Will it be you?  Me?  Will you hand them over to your Dominant, knowing I have your best interests at heart?”
            “Sir, please…just a little more.”
            “A little more?”  Lach asked, knowing full well she was on the verge of coming.  He watched her body and face intently as he continued to pleasure her.  Phoebe’s clit was now a soft red, matching the inner walls of her pussy.  It was engorged, wet, and now throbbed under his touch.  Her breathing was coming out in gasps and right before he knew she would go over the edge, he stopped.  “What’s my title?”
            “Sir!”  Phoebe’s body became still, waiting for him to continue.  He didn’t.  “Sir!  Your title is Sir.”
            “Very good, Phoebe.”  Lach slowly pulled his finger out of her pussy, all the while making sure his thumb didn’t caress her clit even once more by mistake.  “Let me help you up and then you can reply to my question that you never answered.”
            “You…you can’t —” Phoebe’s eyes sparked with anger and she ignored his outstretched hands, pushing them aside as she came to a sitting position.  “Are you fucking serious?”


I think I need to fan myself after reading all that steamy goodness.  



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  4. 1. Sabrina York- Whipped
    2. Erin Simone- Whispers of Night
    3. Eden Bradley Dangerously Inked
    4. Jennifer Kacey- Orgasm university
    5.Kennedy Lane- Campaign of Desire -

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  6. 1. Whipped - Sabrina York (Can't wait to read.)
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    3. Dangerously Inked - Eden Bradley (Loved this book)
    4. Orgasm University - Jennifer Kacey (I totally guessed because of the unique bondage)
    5. Campaign of Desire - Kennedy Layne

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