Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Do We Want To Hear Your Roar

Please join me in welcoming Heather Long!--RR


Why Do We Want to Read Your ROAR

A little over a year ago, I called a friend of mine and said, “You know what would be cool? A semi-cohesive series, kind of category, but kind of not where you could write shifter stories about young shifters at college, finding their way in their world as true adults—it’s a little random right now, but do you see where my brain is going?”

Her response? “I do, but even if I didn’t, I like where you usually end up!” Priceless. You can’t replace the faith of good friends. So I fleshed the idea out some more, talked to people and they talked to people and ROAR was born.

The series promises a level of creative freedom to the authors, while still pulling them together with a cohesive promise to the readers.
So what is Decadent ROAR? It's a new series line from Decadent Publishing dedicated to featuring shifter stories about young weres and shifters who have come of age, but now must determine the path of the rest of their lives. It's an exciting time of making your own decisions and not having to seek permission, but then freedom always comes with a cost.
In ROAR, authors are invited to create their own worlds, packs, and tales--all animal shifters are welcome and only one of the protagonists MUST be a shifter. The only requirement is the use of the hotline, which provides these new adults with a hint of a safety net--yet the choices they make will define their futures.
 Ultimately the question these stories must answer is not who will they be as adults, but who are they? How do they reconcile everything they've ever known with what can be? It's a new type of shifter romance, with all the love and passion required to achieve a happily ever after...
Our first novels have been contracted (and they are AMAZING!) and will begin releasing in September and I’m debuting the cover for book #1 today! If you want to find out more information about Decadent ROAR, you can visit the ROAR site and bookmark it because we’ll be blogging, posting news, and much more. If you’re interested in submitting, don’t forget to check out the detail sheet and I, personally, can’t wait to see what happens next!
Mischief, Mongrels, and Mayhem
Releasing September 2014


  1. Sounds awesome! And what a fantastic cover :) Can't wait to see more from this line.

  2. I love a roar, especially if its done while the male is experiencing pleasure baby!!! Hee, hee.

    Welcome Heather Long. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was offline most of the day. Great blog post.


    Diva Simone