Thursday, July 10, 2014

Choose Your Path To Romance!

Hey everyone, please join me in welcoming the truly talented Jax Garren--RR

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the day? I used to love reading those. I had such fun making decisions for the characters to see where the story led. Sometimes I tried to pick the best solution, but sometimes I picked something I knew was a terrible idea—because I could always go back—just to see what would happen! I reread each story until I’d found every ending and then decided which was my favorite. You know, the real ending.

I haven’t read one since high school, and now my reading tends toward the steamier side *wink*.  But when I learned that SilkWords was looking for authors to write “pick your path” romance novels, I immediately got to work on Toxic Love, a science fiction pick-your-path romance. Writing one of these was just as much fun as reading! Instead of making each decision for my characters, I got to let them explore different options and see what happened each time. And in future Las Vegas, there are plenty of options to explore!

In Toxic Love, a mutation allows Chloe to breathe the poisoned air of post-atoxalyptic USA. GenFriends promises her a life of luxury and ease…as soon as she picks a man to start making immune babies with. Will Chloe fight the system or take a look through GenFriends little black book? And will Nick and his gorgeous blue eyes be able to sway her decision? It’s up to you! I know which of the four completely different endings is my favorite, but I’d love to hear from readers what your real ending is. If you read the story on SilkWords or pick it up on Amazon (coming soon!), make sure to find me on Facebook, Twitter, or my website to let me know your pick. Happy reading, and thanks to the Divas for hosting me today!

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