Monday, October 19, 2015

Upcoming Release: Twisted

Shasta Monohan knows all about playboys. Hell, she got her heart ripped out by the ultimate bad boy—Caleb “Colt” Douglas—three years ago. Word around town is he’s back for one reason—to win her back. No way in hell is that happening. Then again, a no-strings romp might purge him from her system once and for all. Yeah. That’s exactly what she needs—closure.

Colt’s done a lot of crazy shit as front man for Twisted Delirium, but coming home may shove him over the edge. He vowed never to return, but after a whirlwind race to the top of the music scene, he’s figured something out. Fame and fortune can’t replace the one thing he wants more than anything. Shasta. Walking away from her was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. He’ll give her the one night stand with a bad boy she wants. He’ll even pretend it’s the closure they needed. Come morning, though, all bets are off.     

Releasing November 5th
Available for pre-order now:

“Give him a chance, dammit. I want my rock princess back.” 
“She’s gone, Bets. I need to move on, let the past go.”
“Bullshit. You’ve ghosted through life since he left. Give. Him. A. Chance.” She pulled away. “Pinky Sisters don’t chicken out.”
Ugh. She’d penned the moniker in recess during Mrs. Ward’s class. I should’ve nixed it then. Too late now. Our conversation before she turn coated her way out of the makeshift room banged around in my head, but my treacherous body honed in on the man prowling toward me as though I was filet mignon and he hadn’t eaten in a century.
My nipples hardened, my pulse quickened and my tattered heart pounded, as though sensing the man who’d walked away with pieces of it had returned for more. I surged backward, a defense mechanism activated by too many tequila-induced nights of what-if scenarios.   
“This isn’t a good idea. I should go.”
“Don’t run. Give me a moment, please.” Desperation crossed his face. He reached for me, but drew his hand back and looked upward. “She didn’t tell you, did she?”
“Bets operates with her own sometimes questionable agenda.” I forced a smile and allowed my inner hussy a slow visual molestation of the man who’d starred in my every fantasy.
The spiked hair from the stage had been washed and left to hang in wild disarray. My fingers itched to run through the thick mass, but I avoided his eyes. No way was I prepared for the assault of the gray depths I sensed watching me.
Dragon tattoos trailed down both shoulders and melded into one another along his upper chest. One red, one blue. My mouth dried as I tracked the twin dragons tangling over his heart, their necks nuzzling one another. Tear drops tumbled from the blue one’s grey eyes. My belly fluttered as I counted the blood red droplets.    
I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Why are they bloody?”
Silence greeted my question as my visual inspection continued, halting on the last drop above his naval. He closed the distance between us, but I didn’t have it in me to retreat. The dragons undid my resolve to avoid the past. A part of me wanted to slam the vault shut on the entire evening, this conversation, and quadruple lock it. If I commissioned NASA to shoot it to Mars or somewhere far, far outside my reach, maybe my heart wouldn’t pound in my chest—willing an answer I had no business wanting, much less hearing.
Warm fingers fanned out on my cheek. His thumb settled beneath my chin and pulled upward until my gaze collided with the warm, gray ocean tinged with blue. A thousand worlds existed within the flecks and the masochist in me needed to know how many of them still revolved around me.
Did any?
His full lips drew closer, but I put my hand where the two dragons melded. “Why are they bloody?”
“I’m thinking you aren’t ready for my answer yet. Hearing it’d probably make you turn tail and run so fast it’d give me whiplash.” He licked his lips. My pulse flailed, my mouth desert dry. He held my neck as his lips fluttered across mine. Hot breath swept across my skin.
Arousal flared, a living breathing entity with a mind of its own. A growl rose from my gut as I seized hold of his shoulders and deepened the contact. Soap and shampoo wafted in my nostrils as my open eyes locked with Caleb’s. The eroticism flaring from the open-eyed kiss singed me clear to my toes.

Releasing November 5th
Available for pre-order now:

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