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By: Deena Remiel

Happy Release Day to me and to DISQUIETED SOULS, #29 in the BLACK HILLS WOLVES Series! Disquieted Souls Worldwide Link:

I am a long-time reader and fan of shifter novels. The story of how I became one sounds rather like a line from the Eagles’ song, Hotel California. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” I “checked in” when I came across Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. She knows how to make vamps and all manner of shifter sexy as hell! I added Christine Feehan’s vamps and shifters to my repertoire and just about died. My love affair with the hot and sexy supernatural creatures glowed strong. After consuming book after book, I eventually veered away from the genre and read others, but as the line intimates above, I couldn’t leave it behind for long.

A couple of years after getting thoroughly immersed in reading romance and all its genres, I started my own romance writing career. One would’ve thought I’d dive right into writing shifters, but no! It’s taken me six years to return to the genre that wooed me in the first place, and I’M NEVER LEAVING!

Writing Disquieted Souls for the multi-author series, Black Hills Wolves, has been transformational, challenging, rewarding, and addictive! I’m already writing another story for it. Not only do I get to sculpt characters with one personality, but here, I get to sculpt characters with two- their human and their wolf sides. Emotional highs and lows are considered for both, an intricate task that serves up a tasty treat in the end.

Disquieted Souls has so much going on inside its pages. There are layers to be peeled away, lessons to be learned, wounds to be healed, and at its heart, a romance to shape the future of two disquieted souls. Here, take a look:


Willow Bissett, a fashion photographer, has had enough of the career that’s blackened her soul, and wants out. Her passion lies in taking pictures of nature, and she’s determined to make a living from doing it. When she stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the Black Hills Forest, her life is forever changed.

Greyson shouldn't be alive. As the runt of the litter, his mother left him to die in the wilderness. Picked up by Drew, son of the Alpha, he is adopted into the Tao Pack. Rather than living a charmed life, he lives his days alone, tormented by his abandonment and his unique appearance. His soul yearns for acceptance, peace, and closure.

Willow could be the answer to Greyson’s prayers, or the very death of him.


“Are you a fugitive from the law?”
He bared a perfect set of pearly white teeth any mother would be proud of and chuckled. “No. And I’ve never been arrested, either. You can relax.”
“So,” she pressed on, breathing easier once again, “you have a thing against the medical profession?”
He turned his face toward her, and she could now confirm his eyes, one rich amber with golden flecks, the other the deepest blue, were as beguiling as she’d figured. “You could say I’m a fast healer. I’ll be fine in a couple of days…Willow.”
When he spoke her name, it was as though he’d spread a coat of silky chocolate over her entire body and licked every ounce of it off with his tongue. Her palms tingled, her face flushed, and she shifted in her seat to ease the growing ache down low.
“Fast is one thing, but you’d need to be supernatural to bounce back from these wounds in a couple of days. Insert foot in mouth, Will.” She groaned and dropped her head into her hands.
“What do you mean?” His voice returned to a shaky whisper, but she heard him just fine.
She shrugged off her embarrassment and peered up at him. Enough dancing around the issue. She needed answers now that he was conscious and looking all delicious despite his injuries. So, she ignored his question and asked the first of many of her own. “Who are you?”
“My name is Greyson. Thanks for fixing me up. I’m sure you did an awesome job.”
“You’re welcome. I’m no doctor, but I make a damn good triage nurse in the wilderness when I need to. Back to you, Greyson. What the hell are you? And what actually happened out there? I can only guess, but I want the whole story. From the beginning. I don’t think it’s too much to ask…considering.”
“What if it is?”
“What if it is what?”
“Too much to ask.”

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting my BHW new release today! I'm so thrilled to be able to bring you this amazing story!

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