Saturday, October 24, 2015

Class Junkie by Trinity Blacio

Hello, my name is Trinity Blacio and I’m an erotic, paranormal, science fiction author. But, I’ve finally realized my mother is right, I’m a class junkie. I love to take classes, college could be my profession. How did I realize this you ask?
I haven’t taken a class in over ten years. I have a BA in Psychology, but I’m about 8 classes away from my Masters in Education. I stopped taking class for one, I couldn’t afford it anymore and student loans were soaring. Two, why would I get my Masters when now a days places won’t hire people with a Master’s degree or higher, because they have to put them into a higher paying bracket. Hence, means they’d have to pay out more money when they can hire someone with less qualifications for lower pay.
But, I’m getting side tracked here. How did I find out? I’m taking an online class through Romance Writers of America this month and I love it… I’m even looking for more classes to take online since this class ends in a couple of weeks. L
Yep, I look forward to opening the new lesson, which I have one waiting for me to do while I write this blog, yippee.  So, yea I’m a class junkie, but hey it’s a good kind of junkie, if that is possible.
At my age, I’m looking at classes to enhance me personally, for what I like to do. So any classes that pertain to writing or other subjects that interest me, I will take if I can afford it. What about you? Is there anything that you love to do that could consider your junkie fix?
Let me tell you why the 28th is a great day for me. I have two releases coming out that day, and they are both Halloween.

First one, is my Self-pub, and it’s called, Boo On Romance

Garth O’Conner is a man who has been stung one too many times. He knows he needs his True Blood, but for right now, all he wants is someone to warm his bed. After all, the credit card queen, his ex, is still in the background, and he’ll be damn if he pays for two women at once. Now all he has to do is convince his matchmaker sister to leave him alone, that Halloween isn’t time to set him up with anyone.

Paige Mender had been alone since she was sixteen when her parents were murdered. Her kind, the chameleon of all shifters, makes it nearly impossible to live a normal life. After years of practice, Paige keeps her presence hidden, but now the one man, she considers a brother is trying to convince her it’s safe. It’s time for her to meet someone special, but can Paige trust a man enough to get close to him? Was Halloween really for the dead?

Second, is with my favorite publisher, Riverdale Ave Books and it’s titled, Her Stepbrother’s Are Blood Suckers. It’s also Book 3 in the Virgin Witch and The Vampire King series.

Elisa Martin was overweight, geeky and to top it all off, she was in secretly madly in love with her stepbrothers ­– wasn’t she the picture of a winner?

After her mother married and was turned into a creature of the night that she’d always fantasied about, Elisa packed her bags and moved to Cleveland, Ohio needing to find out all she could about their race. What she wasn’t expecting was that her stepbrothers would follow a year later. They now claimed that she, and her boss, where their mates, and that wasn’t all. The leader of this new family unit that was forming around her was none other than Lancelot, the one and only knight from long ago.

But that’s not all. There’s a surprise Halloween wedding, that turns out to be her’s and the guest list includes the king’s family. And, with all things royal, there’s the threat of violence all around them as Elisa is not too sure she has what it takes to be their woman.

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I would like to thank my great host for having me here and I hope all of you will come say hi to me. I love to talk with my readers.

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