Saturday, October 10, 2015

Love Beyond Oceans

He always avoided her, caused her endless amounts of pain.  But the time for that has passed.  Marina and Drew will come together or it will all be lost.

The Outsiders was actually the first series I ever wrote.  And rewrote. And rewrote again.  But it is finally on its way to completion. Love Beyond Oceans (Outsiders #6) is here and then there are three more to go!

Love Beyond Oceans (Outsiders #6)
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Marina awakes with no memories of her life to discover she's a prisoner of the Outsiders. Her captors think she's one of them and she should be helping them with an eternal war, waged over lifetimes and dimensions. She wants her freedom, yet she also needs to know why Drew gazes at her with such heat in his eyes.

Drew runs from his destiny and Marina for as long as he can. She won't believe him, but he does it to protect her from the evil inside of him, a connection to a demon who wants to destroy the Outsiders. Now, he has no choice but to embrace his destiny with Marina. War has come to their doorstep. The signs have signaled. And battle waits for no one.

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