Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Writer's Muse

As a writer, I find it helpful to visualize my male protagonist when I'm creating a story.  Most of the time, I have an idea in my head of what they look like. Sometimes they just come to me as the story evolves.  But it's great when you find a picture of an actor, model or athlete that closely resembles your character.  I'm currently working on three projects at the moment and these two gentlemen above are my inspiration. (Can you tell, I just LOVE long hair.) Hope you enjoy.  They are beautiful men. 
Comment if you recognize them ladies and who's your favorite. I'm a sucker for tall, dark and handsome myself. But that's just me.  So I guess that tells you which one is my favorite. LOL


Erin Simone, Author

Immortal Embrace Series

"There is truly nothing better than a book that keeps you riveted to the point that you cannot put it down and you find yourself up late at night to read just one more chapter. Writing is my passion..."

Erin Simone lives with her family in California. She is the mother of four kids, three pets and is married to a wonderful guy named Ernie. Scary movies are a favorite and so is red when. Hanging with good friends and family are a must on her down time.

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  1. I don't do long hair....until now. That's yummy!!

  2. Long or short, I love it all. Buhahahahahaha xo

  3. For the longest time all of my heroes looked like Orlando Bloom. I had to put pictures of different men on my wall to prevent that. I'll have to take a picture. :)

  4. ROMAN! OMG OMG OMG I LOOOOOVE Roman Reigns. I drool every time he's in the ring. He's also my Shawn in my book series :)