Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anna Dishes on the Emerald City Writers Conference

October is the month when I feel like a rock star with back to back conferences. On Tuesday I shared my time at Romanticon and today it's the Emerald City Writers' Conference!

Me and Diva Sabrina
ECWC is geared more toward writers, and offers workshops on all aspects of the romance publishing industry. We have our fun too, but believe me when I say this conference is when I get some serious work done. I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on writing sexy scenes with Gail Bridges and fellow Decadent Diva Sabrina York, and I had the privilege of handing out the awards for the Emerald City Opener winners.

Thor had my post-conference whiskey waiting. Good boy.
Kim Killion presented some workshops on book covers, and even brought along cover model Harvey Stables for some photo fun. This was a conference first and a big hit. Of course it might have helped that I was front and center with a camera egging people on and showing them how it's done. Spending some time with the EC Cavemen has given me some experience. Thor, Bradley Cooper, Capt Jack, Ryan Gosling and Starlord also made an appearance.

Here are some pics of the fantastic weekend, and of course a little video. If you have the chance to attend next year, I'd love to see you!

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