Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet some of the authors of The Black Hills Wolves

So you may have heard that I started a line for Decadent Publishing called The Black Hills Wolves.  The first release, Wolf Returns, will take place in January.   I thought I’d give some of the authors from the line a chance to tell you some funny stories about themselves.
Katalina Leon

Of all the classic monsters, I’ve always had a crush on the Wolf Man. Feral, primal, assertive, the Wolf Man is a lot more exciting than Frankenstein or the Mummy who sort of groan piteously and lurch forward.  In contrast the Wolf Man is a full-moon, full-blown testosterone rush.  Plus he has that taste-of-the-wild thing going in spades. What woman hasn’t dreamed of taming a bad-boy beast with her charms? Do I love facial and body hair on man? You bet I do.  A strong jawline without a bit of grainy stubble is like French fries without ketchup—blah. Side burns? I love them. How often I have I got caught peeking down a man’s open collar to get a glimpse of silky chest hair—more than I care to admit. When Rebecca Royce invited me to contribute a story to Black Hills Wolves I couldn’t wait to share my take on wolf-shifter mythology.



Dena Garson

I love odd things. I’m fascinated by myths, legends, fairy tales and unusual facts. That gets translated into a wide variety of knick-knacks around my house. About ten years ago, I developed an obsession for the craziest thing: Rubber ducks. Seems I can’t stop myself from collecting the darn things. My bathtub and the widow above are littered with them. I have reading ducks, western ducks, devil ducks, Cupid ducks, Christmas ducks and even a Statue of Liberty duck. My latest edition is a Warren Buffet duck! Thankfully my kids are now old enough that I don’t have to rescue my ducks from their bathroom or bedroom.



Chandra Ryan

When I was a kid, probably nine or ten years old, I made up an entire origin story for myself. I was the princess of an alien planet. But, one day, there was a terrible mix up and I was given to my Earth mother instead of her daughter. I have no idea what happened to that poor girl, but my story was more interesting anyway. Now my trusted advisor, in the disguise of a black cat (it’s important to note that I did not have a black cat as a pet) comes to me every day to keep me up to date on current affairs and to take my orders back to the others on my planet. One day, however, they were going to come and get me and take me back home.

This is the story I told my friends and family.  All except my mom, of course. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.


Celia Breslin

Hi Everyone! Celia here. Rebecca wants us to dish about ourselves, so here goes. I write urban fantasy and paranoral romance. Joss Whedon rules--The Cabin In The Woods is my current, favorite movie, and I’ve been known to walk around tossing out movie quotes from it. I’m not a morning person, so don’t talk to me before 8AM, unless you're my trainer and we’re kicking serious exercise butt! Other random tidbits… Love Asian food, especially Thai and Japanese. Cinnamon addict. I have a tattoo I designed myself. Lastly, I’m excited to be part of the Black Hills Wolves team!


Afton Locke

I’ve always liked wolfish dogs. When I was 8, my family planned to get me a lap dog since I was just a small girl. Instead, my parents bought a German Shepherd. The day we took him home, he got sick in the car, nipped me (no blood, luckily), and kept trying to run off. He grew to weigh 100 pounds and was a handful his whole life. In adulthood, I’ve had two Siberian Huskies, a black and a red. After being surrounded by “wolfy” dogs all my life, it’s easy to write about wolves.


That’s just a small sampling. We have over twenty authors involved so far and hoping to have more soon. 

I hope you’re all well-

Rebecca Royce


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  2. Hi! I'm so excited about this series.It's wonderful to work with so many amazing authors on this project. Can't wait to read everyone's stories!!

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