Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Every year, Halloween kind of takes me by surprise. I'm not sure why. I know it's there. It's not like Easter. It doesn't move around on the calendar. But, still, it kind of comes out of nowhere. This year is no exception. Would you think I'm the world's worst mother if I tell you we don't have costumes for our kids yet? We don't. We're going to go get them tonight, however. I know, I know, that's really waiting for the last minute.

This comes as even more of a surprise to me because of how much I love Halloween. It's the one holiday that's all about candy, dressing up, and having fun. I can't think of another holiday that's more of a party than Halloween. Thanksgiving is all about food. Christmas is all about gifts (even in the religious terms, Jesus was a gift to us). Easter is all about family and redemption. They're all fun, but none are actually built around having fun.

So, this year for Halloween, I've decided I'm going to go all out for fun. Kind of my way of saying sorry to the holiday for pushing it off to the last minute. I'm going to go to my friend's house for pizza, take the kiddos trick or treating, and then (when everybody's gone off to sleep) I'm going to stay up and read an erotic horror! Because really, does it get any more fun than sexy-scary? There are a ton of them out there to pick from as well. I went to the Ellora Cave's Shivers page and found one that looks good....

Here's the blurb that sold me:

“He who makes wishes of the damned must accept the consequences of releasing them.”
Returning home from the Great War, Graham longs for something he fears he no longer deserves—Anna, the love he left behind three years ago. When a mysterious old woman begs him to retrieve a trinket, then disappears, Graham is compelled to rub the tinderbox and make a wish. He wishes to have Anna by his side…and she suddenly appears! They want the night to explore and pleasure each other.

But the tinderbox’s black magic is powerful and brings a price—a horde of walking corpses that will stop at nothing to sate their craving for flesh.
Additional wishes can’t drive the ravenous dead back into their graves. They only succeed in raising an army of zombies that will destroy everyone in their path—starting with Graham and Anna.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic horror romance from Ellora’s Cave

If you want to read this spooky read on your Halloween as well, you can find it on:


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