Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Romanticon 2014

So, yesterday I got home from my favourite convention of the year; Romanticon. Ellora's Cave's annual convention in Canton, Ohio is the biggest party in my social calendar and the only place I feel like I can really let my hair down. This year was no exception. For one whole week I was able to truly relax and be myself with no judgement. I spent time with a group of people just like me and was able to be just a little bit naughty in a safe, fun environment. I danced until I (on one occasion) literally dropped. I laughed till I had no voice. Got stuck in an elevator at two-thirty in the morning with two drunks and a caveman - three drunks if you count me - and was rescued by either the inventor of Scrabble or a Simpsons character depending on who you ask. I Dirty Danced with several handsome men and was even thrown around a stage by one (if anyone has any pics or video of that I'd love to have them). I stayed up till the wee hours talking with old and new friends.

I cried when it was over and then I started planning for the next time.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped bring us together from Ellora's Cave and author Tara Nina, to the Ellora's Cavemen, to the awesome photographer Eric David Battershell and to each and every person who attended.

I'm just going to leave these right here, they say it all:
Romanticon 2014 Album

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