Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jennifer Kacey #Rcon awesomeness Part 2!!!

Finally transferred the rest of the pics from my phone into my computer so I can wazzle and dazzle you with more sexy pics from Romanticon. Without further adieu! Here you go!!

Diva Anna and I at the Hoedown dinner!! There was a MUCH better picture but we decided the internet wasn't trustworthy enough to share it.
 Erin, Anna, me and Dalton Diaz!! After the Dirty Dozen reading. Had so much fun!!!
 Anna, me Erin and Diva Cait at the awards dinner!!! We're so cute!!
 And and I at the dinner. Selfie awesomeness!!
 Axl! Gosh they're so stinking adorable!!!
 Kelii humping Rodney's head. It was AWESOME in person! The picture totally doesn't do it justice!!
 Me and my mum!!! Isn't she gorgeous!?!?
 Anna and I with our matching awards!
 All the guys after Taylor was named the new Alpha caveman for 2015. So awesome and completely deserved!
 Together in Cyn IN PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPICNESS!!!
 Axl!!! Yummy!
 Kathy, Erin, Anna and I at bingo!! Erin got 2...count them 2...lap dances. They were hot!!!
 Anna and I! Love her to pieces!
 Sinjyn!! Yes he really is that big of a nut!
 Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally got a picture together!
 My mom's conference feet because I couldn't help but post it!
On the way...and getting ready for next year!!!

And if you need a little bit more kinky stuff on your e-reader then I can help with that too. :)

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  1. Great pics, tho I"m wondering what the hell shoes I was wearing that had me towering & leaning over everyone else!
    Your mom is every kind of awesome. Can't wait to see all of you in Feb!

    1. Ha! No clue!!
      Love my mum! Love that she gets to come with me and have fun and Feb. is going to be there before we know it!

  2. Fabulous!! We did a lot of selfies, didn't we? But I love them!