Sunday, January 13, 2019

Starting the Year Off Right....with Kidney Stones by Jennifer Kacey

So for a few days right at the end of the year I felt funky. Not awful, but funky. And different than my normal funky...but familiar at the same time. :P

I let it go for a couple days assuming it would settle down. Instead it got awful and I ended up in the Emergency room REALLY early the morning of New Year's Eve. And here is the story..... Blek!

PS - and I'm in the planning stages of writing again. It's been a while since I was able to write since my health has been so squirrely for the past couple years. But I have the next story in the Coming Home Series all mapped out. With Enough Courage is the title and that line is from Gone with the Wind which ties into some of the characters in this book!!!
This will follow No Place Like Home that started the series which has the Wizard of Oz woven through the story!! Cover below. I loves that story so much....

Love at first sight is more than just a dream.

In high school, Bianca Charleston had a crush on Cole, but she was a nobody. Nothing but a wallflower so invisible he never knew she existed.
Things have changed, and she’s finally ready to show off her new bombshell look. Sort of. Maybe. After a one-sided pep talk with her cat, she comes home to help with the annual carnival, no longer the girl who faded into the background, Charlie discovered there’s even more to Cole than she ever imagined.
FBI field officer Cole Johnson doesn’t have an easy job, but his life was good. Uncomplicated. And he was happy or so he thought. Then in walks Charlie, a blonde with killer…everything. Suddenly he’s mentally clearing his schedule for a rare night out.
While Charlie doesn’t do one-night stands, somehow after-dinner dessert is served up against the wall of her hotel room. Both must get rid of preconceived notions of love and family to find their happiness and discover…there’s No Place Like Home.

Wanna get ready for book 2? Then here are links to get book 1!!

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I'm excited so send me good joojoo so I can actually find the time and energy to do it! Can't wait to show you guys Kia's happy ending!! :P

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas and New York. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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  1. The new book sounds awesome!!! Sending you all kinds of good joojoo!!