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Now that the holidays are over and life has calmed down a bit I've turned to reading more. When the weather is chilly and the days grey and wet, getting lost in a novel is the perfect escape for me. I leave you with an excerpt from my latest erotic novel, The Submissive Muse, a story of two damaged people who end up saving each other. Enjoy!

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Im sorry?

Devan heard John Wolfes words, but they didnt make any sense. He was out drinking with him again, developing quite a taste for expensive whiskey. The man spared no expense when it came to liquor. And he turned out to be a decent guy, instead of the arrogant, spoiled prick Devan had assumed initially. The man hadnt had an easy life. Hed grown up poor, without a dad. His mother worked all the time just to put food on the table. Quite the opposite of how Devan had grown up.

Dr. Wolfe had indeed worked hard to get where he was. He adored his wife, she adored him; it sounded like a once-in-a-lifetime love. Which was why, when he heard Johns proposition, Devan asked him to repeat it. Twice.

Exactly one year from my death I want you to seek out my wife. Befriend her, watch over her, make her smile again. In return, Ill compensate you greatly.

Compensate me?

Ill pay all your medical bills, plus a monthly allowance.

Devan shook his head in an attempt to clear it. The alcohol had made his thinking fuzzy.

I dont understand what youre asking me to do.

I need to make sure Elizabeth will be all right after Im gone, that shell find joy and purpose again."

He let out a short laugh. And Im the person youre choosing for the job? Are you kidding?"

Johns expression was as serious as the day Devan first met him. I assure you, Ive thought this through

Does your wife know what youre asking?He wasnt even sure what John was asking. Absolutely not. Shes never to know about this.

You want me to seek out your beloved wife and fuck her out of her grief?

John lunged for him across the table, grabbing the front of Devans shirt. If you ever use the term fuck again when referring to my wife, so help me, Ill kill you.

Get your hands off me.His voice was menacingly low.

A few more seconds passed before he released him. John leaned back, inhaling deeply.
Youre not used to losing control, are you? I can see it all over your face.” 
So, he and the good doctor had something in common after all. Devan tried his best to hide his delight over this revelation.

Its crucial I know my wife will be taken care of after my death.

Dont you have friends, family?

What Im asking of you is different than what any of our friends or family can do.” “Im not clear on what it is youre asking me to do.

I want Elizabeth to have someone to...”

To what?

He didnt answer.

Have you told her about your diagnosis yet?

Yes. As expected, she didnt take it well.

Devan imagined Elizabeths luminous eyes darkening with tears.

In all her optimistic splendor, she believes Ill be able to overcome this.

Dont underestimate the power of hope and prayer.

His mouth twisted. Youre just as naïve as she. Science and statistics are what I rely on, not wishful thinking. Facts dont lie, and the fact is Im going to die.

Miracles happen.

So do supposed UFO sightings, but it doesnt mean I believe in them.

He had to respectfully disagree. More than once, Devan had collapsed to his knees with a blade in his hands, begging God to quiet his mind so he didnt have to be the one to do it. Many late nights, when his body was physically exhausted, but sleep eluded him because his mind wouldnt shut down, he prayed for mercy. That he was still on this earth was a miracle.

Look, John, as much as Im flattered by the offer to take care of your wife once youre gone, you have to admit youre not thinking clearly right now. You dont know me. I dont know your wife. I barely know you. What youre asking is absurd.

Perhaps. But you dont understand our situation. Our past.

Would it matter if I did?

Maybe.His hands formed a steeple on the table. Im afraid my wife wont fare well alone. Shes prone to depression, and with me gone...I’m worried...” He swallowed. I will make her promise me to stay alive for one year after my death, but after that...”

You think shell kill herself?

Elizabeth needs certain dynamics in her life. She needs a purpose.

There are plenty of grief support groups. She can volunteer, train a service animal.

Its not the same as having a live-in companion.

For someone whos proven to be pretty level-headed, you sound insane. What do you expect me to do, knock on her door in a year and ask to move in? Tell her you hired me to take care of her?

Absolutely not. She could never know about our plan.

Our plan? The guy was nuts. The tumor had to be affecting his thought processes. Devan stared at him, open-mouthed. Hed been asked to do a lot of crazy things in his lifetime, but this one shot to the top of the list.

Think about it. All your money problems could be solved. How much do you need to move into an apartment?

Eleven hundred, but thats not—”

I can guarantee there will be permanent damage to your eye if you dont take care of it soon.

Hearing those words out loud was much grimmer than thinking them. It gave Devan a moments pause, but only a moment. 

Thanks for the offer, but Ive found out the hard way that when moneys involved, along with forced gratitude, someone always gets screwed.

Why dont you take some time to consider my offer? In the meantime...” John searched his phone. He took a pen from his jacket pocket and scribbled something on a napkin. Call this number and make an appointment. Dont worry about the cost. Ill have him bill me.

I dont think so.

Youre not obligated to me for this. Id simply hate to see you lose the eye.He pulled out a thick wad of bills fastened by a silver money clip with the engraved initials JB and laid out eleven one hundred dollar bills on the table. Im sorry to drink and run, but theres a patient I need to check in on at the hospital. Stay and finish your drink.

Yeah, sure. Dont worry about it. Thanks again.

Call the doctor,he reminded Devan, and then he was gone.

Devan stared at the pile of money. Eleven hundred dollars. The exact amount he needed to rent the room. In an upscale lounge like this, no one would expect a customer to skip out without paying. He could easily take it all and leave. His problems would be solved. Well, not all of them, but at least the housing one.

He didnt owe John Wolfe anything. Why did people with money always think they had all the control and power? Devan wasnt for sale. Sure, he was down on his luck at the moment, but hed swing up again. He always did.

* * *

Tiffany N. York moved to CA to get away from the cold weather of back east, and now shivers when it gets below 65 degrees. You can visit her website at tiffanynyorkauthor.com

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