Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Three days in, one day behind

We are officially three days into the new year, and I'm already one day behind on my goals and resolutions. Welcome to 2018!

Fortunately, I set my goals for the week (ending on Sunday nights), so I have time to make things up. But it's frustrating to be behind the eight-ball so early in the game. I had a calendar that was bright and shiny and perfect and it lasted all of two days.


But I am on track with a few things. And I cheat.  If I resolve not to smoke (I'm allergic to all forms of cigar and cigarette smoke) and not to chew on my toenails (I'm not that flexible), I can start and end the year with two perfectly kept resolutions.

Including those two things, I have five resolutions. # 3 is to hit my daily word goals. Being a writer means you are your own boss, and that means you have to hold yourself responsible. #4 is to exercise at least three times a week. I've already done this once, so yay, me! And #5, dust off my old textbooks and brush some of the rust off my language skills by spending an hour a week reminding myself of what I used to know.

I also set a goal on my Goodreads account of reading fifty-two books in 2018. (If you are on Goodreads, feel free to friend me!) This will be a real hardship, I'm sure.

I think the biggest challenge for 2018 is going to be on the work front. I've made some changes, and will be concentrating on sweet contemporary romance this year. You can keep up with my new series, and new releases in my existing series by signing up for my newsletter. I can promise that they are going to but a lot of fun.

Now it's time for me to make up for yesterday.

As for you? Go out and conquer 2018!

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