Thursday, February 11, 2016

All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!

To the single women on this Valentine's Day.

A toast to my single sisters who refuse to settle.
To the women who are willing to wait for the right one, and not right now.
To the women who refuse to dim their shine to make others feel better about themselves.
Who refuse to pretend to not have goals, ambitions, or desires.
Who walk this earth in all of their sexy, confident glory.

Keep your chin up and your stride strong.
You are worth only the best, and being single is not a sign of unworthiness.
The people in your life are there for a reason,
And if "the one" has not appeared, then they are not ready.
You need someone who will add value to your life, inspire the best in you, make magic.

While others are showing half-hearted
 professions of love because they have to, enjoy this time when you are creating the best you.
Sparkle on, my friend. Sparkle on.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Until next time!
Anna- The Super Diva

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