Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time For Romance

Hi everyone,
Rebecca Royce here. How are you today? I was thinking earlier about Valentine's Day, which is coming up so shortly and I see that Chandra has already blogged on this topic, too.  But, this year, it falls on a Sunday.  And we've actually made plans to go away for the day with another couple and potentially visit some vineyards north of Austin.  I've been there before. If you didn't know, some of the most fertile wine country in the United States is in Texas.  (Outside of Napa it produces the most grapes, which  I found really interesting to learn the last time we went.)

But that is neither here nor there.

So we've made these plans and we're excited. Except that now our middle son has basketball tournament that day.  My mother in law is happy to take him and we're glad to let her, but we're left with this feeling that we should probably cancel our plans and be at the tournament. He's eight years old, by the way.  But what is the answer? I've always heard that taking time out for romance in a marriage is really important.  And for goodness' sake, who schedules a tournament on Valentine's Day.

Well, this is my grumble at the moment.

Hope you're all well.


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