Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Do You Do Valentine's?

Valentine's Day is a holiday that always fascinates me. There seems to be no right or wrong way to celebrate. Even ignoring the holiday seems to be a completely socially okay way to celebrate the day. I think there is at least one restaurant having a non-valentines party in my area.

I tend to go back and forth on the holiday myself. My husband and I always buy each other something. Some years it's a more traditional present of chocolate or lingerie. Other years we splurge on something a bit more. The ring I wear as my wedding ring, that's a long story that centers around cultural differences between a Hindu and a Christian wedding, was a Valentine's Day present. It was probably the most expensive Valentine's Day present I've ever received. But each year, we tend to do something unique to that year. Some years we go out on a date night and other we stay in.

I've found it really depends on the year and what we've got going on for us. But what about you? How do you celebrate the holiday? Do you do it big? Do you look forward to the day all year long? Or is it more of a family day than a romantic celebration for your family? Do you ignore it altogether? What are your plans for this Sunday?

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