Sunday, December 20, 2015

Meet Lia Davis's Sons of War

Hello, everyone! I'm currently working on the third book in the Sons of War series--Zavier and Elle's story. I'd thought I'd share, with those who may not be familiar with the series, a little info into the world and the Sullivan brothers.

The Sons of War is a series based off the Greek mythology of the Spartoi with a few twist of my own. The myth is that the Spartoi were warlike warriors who sprang from the earth fully grown from the sown teeth of Ares’s sacred drakon (dragon).

My twists are these warriors can shift into dragons and are considered to be Ares’s sons and there are called the Sons of War.

I’ve always loved dragons. They’re beautiful, mystical, magical, predators, and just scary. Lol You take those traits and mix them with human aspects and you get a growly, sexy alpha male shifter. I infused all of these traits into the Sons of War. Each dragon is different. They are all sons of Ares, Greek god of war, but each is a different color and personality.

Markus: Black hair, midnight-blue eyes. He stands 6’3”. His dragon is black with a hue of blue on the top layer of scales. He’s the unofficial leader of the Sons of War and is more like his father than he’d like to admit.

Ty (Tyson): His hair is dark auburn and eyes are dark brown, almost black. He stands 6’5”. He co-owns a construction company with his brother Seth. His dragon is red with a hue of gold on the top layer of scales. He doesn’t trust females after being betrayed by one that left his right eye unable to shift back to its human appearance.

Zavier: He has dark blond hair and green eyes and stands 6’2”. His dragon is dark green under a light green. Computers, security, and the house finances are his domain. He’s gentler than his brothers, but just as deadly.

Seth: He has caramel brown hair, grey eyes, and stands 6’0”. His dragon is white with an overlay of purple. He’s the co-owner of Sullivan Contractors with Ty. Sensuality is his specialty. He loves to work with his hands both out of the bedroom and in it.

Drake: Has brown hair and blue eyes. He stands 6’3”. His dragon is brown with a silver overlay. Friendly is not a word I’d use to describe him. He hides behind a darkness that he has yet to share with me and that puts him on a lethal edge. He spends his time searching for their evil brother, Garrick, and finding ways to stop him from creating another war against the gods.

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