Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Excerpt from A Beary Sweet Holiday

The next adventure in the Bears of Blackrock releases Tuesday, 12/08. That's only three days away! I'm so excited to share Tiffany's story with everyone.

Here's a short excerpt. Enjoy!

A Beary Sweet Holiday
Bears of Blackrock, book 3

“It’s broken.”
Tiffany glared at Holt, who sat on the coffee table in her living room with her leg in his lap. “So, fix it.”
The Healer shook his head. “It would be best to let it heal on its own.”
Was he crazy? “I have a party to cater.”
He worked his strong, masculine jaw while his bear flashed behind dark green eyes. Normally, Holt didn’t show any aggression. He was, after all, a born Healer. And a powerful one, even without linking to the Alpha’s magick. As the clan’s princess, Tiffany knew all too well that he could heal her broken bones.
There was something primal about the male tonight. He seemed more protective, more on edge than she’d ever seen him. He let out a low growl. “I could set the bone, but the muscles need time. It’s best to let your bear do that.”
She opened her mouth to argue, but her mother entered from the front door and sent Tiffany a warning glare. “Tiffany, don’t be stubborn. You have Kaylee, Connie, Nichole, and me here to help. Plus, we’ll get the boys to pitch in.”
Tiffany sagged in her seat and folded her arms. Nothing was going to work out as she’d envisioned. Once you got too many cooks in the kitchen, all hell broke loose. Too many ideas and changes. Focusing back on Holt, Tiffany smirked. If the Healer wouldn’t do his quick fix, then he was going to help her in the kitchen. That way, her sisters-in-law and mother could help with decorations and other minor details.
“Okay, Mom. You, Connie, and Nichole can help with party specifics and setup. Holt will be helping Kaylee and me with the food.”
Holt’s grip on her thigh tightened slightly before he met her stare, terror lighting up his gaze. “I can’t cook.”
“Can you follow directions and a recipe?”
He glanced to her mom, then back to her. “Yes…”
“Then it’s settled. Since I have to heal on my own and be off my feet for most of the next couple of days, then you are helping me with the food.”
She held Holt’s gaze for several long seconds. The green in his eyes faded from dark to the light and back to dark again. Images of him naked right before he shifted into his black bear flashed in her mind. Heat rose up from deep within. She’d always thought the Healer was hot, but in that moment, he was so much more.
He was her mate.
His sage scent intensified as he leaned forward, apparently forgetting that they weren’t alone. Once his lips touched hers, she was lost. The whole world could crumble around them and she wouldn’t care. In that moment, all she wanted was him, deep inside of her.
When she moved her leg, intending to wrap both of them around his hips, pain chased all sensual desires away. She hissed, holding back a scream. Holt was quick to soothe the pain by wrapping his large, strong hands gently around her ankle. Warm, electric pulses vibrated through her foot, ankle, and up her leg.

Within moments, she felt better. A low growl from the doorway drew her attention. She turned her head and saw her brothers taking up the space. A moment later, Connie and Nichole pushed their way into the now cramped living room. Really? She’d broken her ankle. It wasn’t like she’d died. “Why don’t you call the rest of the clan? I’m sure we could squeeze them all in.”

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