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Catering to His Needs by Rose C. Carole

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I’m a Scorpio and a triple one at that, meaning my Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs are all in Scorpio. People often back away just a little when I tell them that, knowing that Scorpios are known for being intense, and being a triple amplifies that intensity to levels that may not be safe to be around. They aren’t totally wrong about that, but if someone risks it, the payoff can be tremendous.

I think I’m very lucky being a triple. Despite the fact that I often admire the organized, rational, sensible people around me—and bemoan my inability to keep an orderly household and more importantly keep my temper in check—I realize that the ability to be very in touch with my emotions is what has brought incredible richness into my life.

I’m loyal to a fault, finding reasons to excuse possible insults and slights by those I love, and go out of my way to be there for friends and family. As a result, I have forged lasting relationships, having people in my life I can rely on as well. (The flip side is that if you finally do that one thing that sends me over, you are dead to me forever.)

I also find that if I decide to do something, I go all in. That can sometimes create havoc in my life because I try to do too many things at once—more knitting projects than I can complete or too many different kinds of vegetables in my garden with not enough time to tend to them. But it also means that when I decided to expand my cooking knowledge so I could write a diabetic cookbook , I went through professional culinary training for a year, an experience so gratifying I became a caterer. Had I just taken a class at a local school, I would never have had the joy of discovering the techniques in the kitchen that now allow me to create the wonderful dishes that I serve to those I love as well as to clients. Nothing is more rewarding than bringing tantalizing food with its enticing aromas and flavors to the table and watching others swoon over it. Because really good food touches the soul the way really good sex does. And I get to have that glorious connection with people almost every day.

And when I decided to concentrate on writing, I did everything I could to learn about the craft, going to workshops and conferences to learn from people whose work I respected and writing obsessively to hone my ability. My first book was a failure, but I learned a lot from writing it. And my next book is now being published by Totally Bound after winning the BDSM Writers Con book contest. I put a lot of my heart in the book much like I do when I cook. I hope when readers finish it, they feel as satisfied as if they’d had a fabulous meal—or really fabulous sex.

So here’s a look at Catering to His Needs, the first book in my Kitchen Confessions series.

Ethan is at his wit’s end. Gina, his brother’s ex-wife, has threatened to reveal that Ethan is a member of the Playground, an exclusive BDSM club, unless she gets more alimony from the family trust fund. The scandal that would arise from such a revelation must be avoided at all costs--not only for the sake of Ethan’s reputation, but for the future of his relationship with his treasured sub, Rebecca. 
Rebecca is a single mother working hard to expand her catering business. The only peace she finds from her building stress is in the handcuffs of her strong Dom, Ethan. But Rebecca’s life is not her own. Her teenage son is not handling Rebecca’s divorce well, and Rebecca feels the responsibility for her son’s happiness like a weight on her shoulders. Between her business and her son, she has little time for herself--or the growing emotional demands from her Dom.
Ethan is determined to take their relationship to the next level, and Rebecca is equally determined not to upset her son further by revealing that she has a new man in her life. Fortunately, Ethan is a Dom with a passionate interest in seeing that his sub is happy--even if he has to whip some sense into her. He’s making progress until suddenly his own problems take a turn for the worse. His brother Zach has gone missing under suspicious circumstances and now it’s all Ethan can do just to keep himself out of jail. The cat, as they say, is out of the bag.
As their lives spiral out of control, will Ethan and Rebecca be able to find a way back into each other’s arms?

Rebecca stood looking at the paper grasped in her trembling fingers. I can do this, she told herself. Ethan wouldn’t allow her to expose herself to strangers, but she still looked around furtively to make sure no one was looking.
She read the words again.

Put on your uniform.
Put the larger cuffs on your ankles.
Put the smaller cuffs on your wrists.
Place your clothes, your cell and purse in the metal box under the bench and secure it shut.
Once you have done all of the above, turn the paper over.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she slowly took off her clothes and folded them carefully on the bench then put on the garter belt, stockings and black stilettos she had brought. After securing the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, she put her clothes and purse into the box and shut it. Another deep breath—and another. Then she turned over the paper.

Take the end of the chain on the fence and secure it around your neck with the attached lock.

Oh, my God, really? They had a whole weekend to explore their Dom/sub relationship, and needless to say, it was starting off with a bang. Well, she had wanted to delve into their dynamic more fully than for just an evening. She sure got what she’d asked for—a challenge every step of the way. Her whole body shook and she had to take some more deep breaths to calm herself down. Then she walked over to the narrow chain tethered to the fence, secured the loose end around her neck with the small padlock and sat quickly down on the bench to keep from falling over her trembling legs. And she waited—and waited.
Okay, let’s get this show on the road before I have a stroke. I can’t stand the suspense anymore. Where are you, Sir?
The early September afternoon was still warm, but she shivered as she wrapped her arms around her body to shield her naked breasts.
“Arms at your sides.”
Rebecca jerked her head up to look into the deep chocolate brown eyes of Ethan, standing at the edge of the fence. He had a stern look on his face that made her even more nervous.

Buy Catering to His Needs below!!
Website: roseccarole.com
Facebook: Rose C. Carole

Website: roseccarole.com
Facebook: Rose C. Carole


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