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Hero Unleashed- Get it now!

Have you scooped up your copy of Hero Revealed yet? Awesome! Now you can pre-order Hero Unleashed, the next book in the Heroes of Saturn series in time for the holiday break.

It was his duty to protect her. Even from himself.

Princess Amaryllis should have been sad to be exiled from her home on the Saturn moon, but on Earth she finds freedoms she never imagined existed. She embraces her new home with big, open-mouthed kisses and establishes herself as a prominent businesswoman catering to the humans’ most intimate desires. When the former head of her father’s guard enters her domain, he rouses not only old insecurities but also a burning desire to see him lose the formal constraints and succumb to the promise in his command.

Lucian Kilsgaard was a warrior without a mission until he received word that an assassin had been sent to ensure the exiled princess does not return to reclaim the throne. He goes to warn the princess and instead of the unconfident, impulsive girl he remembers, he finds a bold temptress. How can he protect her when all he wants is to sink into her softness? He vows the line between protector and lover will never be crossed, yet Amaryllis will test his resolve until he takes exactly what he needs.

      “You’re a hero, Lucian.” She paused, mere millimeters away from his bare chest. “If I was that boy’s mother, I would drop to my knees and offer you anything you wanted.”
      “A—” He cleared his throat. “Thank you is sufficient enough.”
      “Tell me about your last lover.”
      He blinked, clearly confused by the change in subject as the furrow in his brow deepened. “What?”
      “Your last lover. Rumor has it you’ve gone a long time without female companionship, even though you weren’t lacking for willing participants.” She trailed her finger along the edge of her low-cut blouse. Her nipples tightened when his gaze followed the movement. “Why?”
      “Your Highness,” he began but she stopped him with a hand across his mouth.
      “No lies. Why?” She moved her palm to lay it against his jaw.
      He licked at his lips. “I’m a warrior. A battle strategist. I don’t know how to woo a woman. And human women are so…fragile.”
      “Physically or emotionally?”
      A light flashed in his eyes and a tingle of awareness hummed in the air between them. “Both.”
      “I guess it’s a good thing I’m not human or fragile.”
      “But you are. You’ll deny it with your last breath, but I’ve hurt you when all I want to do is care for you.”
      “You do?”
      “Of course.”
       He lifted his hand and barely grazed his finger along her jaw before dropping it at his side and making a fist.
      “Touch me, Lucian.”
      “I can’t. I shouldn’t.”
      But he wanted to. Gods did he want to. Never before had she felt such a sense of want than she did looking up into his tortured eyes. His craving was bittersweet, like a fine Belgian chocolate sitting on the flat of your tongue. The flavor melting ever-so-slowly as you were forced to hold still when all you wanted was to chomp the decadent treat to bits and gobble it whole.
      The promise of experiencing the full force of Lucian’s passion made her stomach clench and her pussy gush. She leaned forward and scraped her teeth over his puckered nipple then used the tip of her tongue to follow a rivulet of water down his torso.
      “I know you, Lucian. I know who you are. You don’t need to hide from me. Never from me.”

Release day- December 29th
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