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Eilte Metal- Adamantium's Roar by Anna Alexander

No, this is not a repeat post. Yes, Elite Metal is on the cusp of taking over the world! Not really, but it would be nice. :)

When I was approached to be a part of this amazing box set, the only thing I was told was the hero had to have a code name that was the same as a metal. I said, "If I can name him Adamantium, I'm in." The response was a resounding, "YES!"

Some of my inspiration
Sure, adamantium isn't a "real" metal, but I wasn't going to give up the opportunity to drop a huge comic book Easter egg. And that's not the only egg. Just to name a few, there is a little homage to Wolverine right on the first page, and Ant rides a Harley Davidson Duo Glide. The same bike ridden by Hugh Jackman in Wolverine: Origins. Another yes!

In Elite Metal, Adamantium is the techno-nerd of the group. A hot, sexy, techno-nerd who is an artist and designed video games during his forced hiatus from the Marines. I loved writing his story, and I hope you all fall in love with him too. Here's a little taste of Adamantium's Roar.

Adamantium feels right at home being back to what he does best with his Elite Metal buddies, especially if it keeps his mind off her.  Beth Bradshaw. His best friend’s girl. But when their paths cross again, he discovers Beth is in the hands of a dangerous man. Vow or no vow to his Elite Metal family, Ant will do anything to claim the woman he loves.


Was he flirting with her? Her husband’s best friend? The quiet guy who had always seemed to be more interested in video games and computers than women? Oh, he had had the occasional girlfriend, but never a relationship one would call serious, at least that she had seen. And he had never given any indication that he thought of her as a woman. As in a real woman. As in a potential mate and bed partner.

But there was certainly a vibe coming from him now. A subtle flex of muscles and a narrowing of his gaze that suggested he was interested in far more than merely reminiscing about the past.

“Here we go,” he said as he steered the car off the freeway. Two blocks further down the road, he turned into a driveway of a motel. “We’re already checked in and the parking lot is in the back, so we won’t be seen from the streets. When we get settled why don’t you take a bath, relax, and I’ll get us some dinner and some shoes for you.”

At the word “bath” she imagined being soaking wet and naked while Adamantium stood on the other side of the bathroom door in all of his manliness as he prepared to turn in for the night. Somehow she didn’t think he wore pajamas to bed.

“Oh,” she said and tried to control her racing heartbeat. “Um, sure.”

Holy cow. Was she seriously getting turned on by her oldest friend?

“Sit tight here while I do a quick check around,” he said as he parked the car. Once he climbed out, he stood by the side of the Charger. His tight backside was perfectly framed by the driver’s side window.

She closed her eyes on a groan. Dear lord, she was.

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