Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 things readers may not know about Lia Davis

Hi all! Today I'm sharing ten things you may not know about me. I want to encourage you to share something back in the comments.

1. I have a twisted sense of humor. It works hand in with number 2. Those who don’t know me are sometimes put off by it.

2. I’m quirky and sarcastic. Aka Smart Ass. This only comes out with friends who like my twisted sense of humor.

3. I’m shy. No, really. When I meet people for the first time I can become quiet and some think I’m a snob. I’m not, it just takes me a while to warm up. The best way to break the ice is to just start talking to me.

4. I’m easily distracted. It is one reason I can’t work with a hard deadline or schedule.

5. I don’t like wearing shoes in the house. The first thing I do when getting home and take off the shoes.

6. I wear socks to bed all year around.

7. I was a tomboy growing up. I still prefer the company of guys most the time, even though I have girlfriends I love hanging out with.

8. Besides reading and writing, music is my outlet and escape. I will listen to music and read at the same time. Yes, it is possible.

9. I had my son at 20 and my daughter 14 months later.

10. I hate public speaking. It scares the ever loving crap out of me.

1 comment:

  1. Who says listening to music and reading are exclusive activities? I would perish without books and my iPod.