Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anna Alexander at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

I love being a romance author. Not only do I get to write about fantastic characters and places, and meet new and interesting people, but I also get asked to participate in exciting events. And that's how I found myself judging the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Since the show runs over the Valentine's Day weekend,the theme of the 2nd largest flower and garden show in the country is "Romance in Bloom," and the organizers thought the best people to ask to be amongst the judges are romance writers. 

Joining me on the task to select the display that embodied the best use of theme was Carmen Cook and Olivia Waite. We had a great time looking over all twenty entries. And man, were we tough. We looked over every plant, flower and water feature, taking into account color, design, and texture. There were so many great displays to choose from, ranging from whimsical and architectural to primitive and classic designs. Choosing one winner was tough, but we all had the same top three. Below are some photos of a few of our favorites.

I wanted to live in this display. And there was a subtle nod to 50 Shades we were some of the first to notice.

This display featuring the best of Walla Walla wineries had several cozy sitting areas, and an inviting flow of movement. I loved how they used wine corks to write the names of the different species used in the garden.

Wine cork signs!

This steampunk display was AMAZING! And it was a first time designer too. Take a good look at all of the details, go away for fifteen minutes and come back. You will spot so many more new things.

Yes, they used a bed frame to make a bench!

This is the Anna Red Rose

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