Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cue Rod Stewart's, "If You Think I'm Sexy..." by Ripley Proserpina

What paranormal creatures are decidedly unsexy? If you’d asked me in high school if vampires were sexy, I’d say, “Yes, definitely.” 

But werewolves? It’d depend. Did they turn into wolves fully? Or were they half-man, half-beast and looked like Michael Jackson in Thriller?

As I’ve read more science fiction romance and paranormal romance, I've loved the way writers have made differences more mainstream. They’ve turned what was once, “Ew, gross,” into, “Nice.” 

Mermen, gargoyles, hedgehog shifters, crow shifters, shark shifters, cyborgs, genetically spliced humanoids, aliens… they all have potential to be part of the romance writer’s cast of characters. That’s the great thing about fiction, there’s something, I mean, someone for everyone. 

Here are some of my favorite romances with unexpected heroes and heroines. 

Tiffany Roberts: Heart of the Deep

Genetically altered humans: 
Alicia Treat: Mutt
Laurann Dohner: Valiant

Isabel Wroth: Sarazen's Saga
Amanda Milo: Won by the Alien
Ruby Dixon: Ice Planet Barbarians

Werewolves and Vampires: 
Rebecca Royce: Warrior World 

EA Price: When a Gargoyle Falls

Rebecca Royce: Wards and Wands
Heather R. Blair: Sixpence and Whiskey (with a bonus of mythological creatures). 

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