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Some Sugar with Your Spice- Sweetest Kisses

It's a book birthday!!

Sweetest Kisses book four in the Sprawling A Ranch Series is out now at your favorite retailer.

Adam may be the baby of his family, and the youngest on the ranch, but that man is in no way childish, especially when it comes to those he loves. And I loved pairing him up to Nic, who I identified with entirely too much. There is a piece of me in all of my heroines, and Nic is the high school version of me. The girl with the pink hair who was ready to explore the world. Yeah... I'm still working on that.

*And for your long time readers, you may recognize the mention of a certain Marine that had to go undercover.  *cough*cough*Adamantium *cough*

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Small-town life fits Adam Maguire like a pair of favorite blue jeans, while Nicolette Fournier finds it as constricting as a straitjacket. But when this good ol’ country boy and rock n roll princess come together, sparks fly hot enough to melt the icing on the delicious cakes in Nic’s bake shop.
As the youngest of six brothers, nothing is more important to Adam than family, and he believes Nic would make a great addition to his. Only Nic is counting the days to when she has fulfilled familial obligations and can return to her life of open roads and adventure, leaving bad childhood memories in her rearview mirror. To make this free spirit his, Adam will have to pull out all of the stops to convince her that the only bed he wants to set his cowboy boots under are hers, and home wouldn’t be complete without her Doc Martens beside them.
Criminy. No wonder Nic looked as if she’d swallowed a live bull frog when he brought her to The Crescent. And it also made sense as to why she was so gun-shy around people and insisted on being called Nic after hearing the way Angela said her name, as if “Nicolette” was something icky found on the bottom of her shoe. Was this how Nic had been treated all her life? Looked at with scorn just because she marched to the beat of her own drum? It sickened him to know that it was probably the case.

Even so, that didn’t mean he needed to allow that kind of stupidity to continue.

“Nic!” he shouted, pushing his way closer to the staircase that led up to the stage.

She caught his gaze through the gaps between the wide slats of the cage and winked. With a rebel yell, she gestured to the DJ, who then cranked up the volume on the guitar wailing opening of “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Dead Man.

The crowd went wild as Nic launched into a dance routine worthy of the finest burlesque show. She shimmied, she bounced, she jumped up and hung from the top of the cage, kicking her legs into positions Adam had only seen in strip clubs.

Torn between lust and fear for her safety, he watched as she whipped the crowd into a frenzy, moving with acrobatic skill as she climbed down and fell to her knees to twirl across the floor. She was sex incarnate as she temped and teased with a roll of her hips and shoulders. As Adam glanced around, he noticed every man gazed at Nic with passion glittering in their eyes as their girls looked on with envy.

“Holy shit,” exclaimed one of the fellas crowding behind him. “Is that the chick from the bakery?”

“Oh yeah,” his buddy answered. “I didn’t realize she was so hot.”

“Totally. I’d glaze her doughnuts any day.”

“Shake that ass, girl,” they shouted. “Shake that ass.”

Adam rounded on them with a growl. “Shut the fuck up. That’s my girl you’re talking about.”

“Seriously?” The taller of the two slapped him on the back. “You lucky bastard.”

Another whoop from the crowd brought his attention back to the stage, where Nic was now hanging from the outside of the cage, swiveling her body and encouraging people to spray their beers all over as if shooting water from a fire hose. As she tried to dodge the sprays of foam, she wore the biggest grin while she laughed and struck a pose as the song came to a whirlwind finish.

“All right, all right. Let’s hear it for Nicolette,” the DJ shouted over the thunderous applause.

Nic was helped down from the stage by a few admiring cowboys. Ignoring their attempts to keep her attention, she kept her gaze firmly on Adam as she passed a pissed-off Angela. Adam’s ex fumed, with rage in her eyes and her hands clenched by her sides as beer dripped off the end of her nose. Guess that would teach her for trying to get an up close look at what she thought would be a train wreck.

“How was that?” Nic asked while her sweat glistened bosom heaved as she caught her breath.

“That was…ahhh.” He lifted his hat to run his hand through his hair as his brain struggled to form a sentence. The words claim and mine flashed behind his closed eyes like a billboard on Times Square. “Damn, girl. All I can think to say right now is I really want to show you the flatbed of my truck.”

Those wondrous breasts of hers bounced with her laughter. “Then let’s go, cowboy.”

His voice dropped an octave. “Are you sure? Because I wanna give you a real thorough tour.”

The corner of her mouth curled up with a wicked tilt, and she curled her fingers around his belt buckle, brushing the hard length of his erection that was testing the integrity of his jeans. “What are we waiting for?”
Fuck yeah.

Read, love, enjoy!
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