Saturday, June 18, 2016

Writing More than One thing at Once

Up until recently, I found I couldn't write more than one thing at a time.  Frustrating because I have so many ideas in my head all at once. I can write a lot.  Left alone (HA HA), I can write 8,000 words day. That's a pretty good chop all at once. But I was always feeling pressure. Gotta get to the next thing, gotta be faster.  And then a friend pointed out a trick.  If I have 8,000 words a day in me, why use them all on the same book.

If I calculate how many words a day I need to write to meet a deadline, spread them out from book to book. Right now, I've been using them on just two books but I can see how i could do it up to four books at a time. This is like a miracle for me.  I don't have to wait to write other things. It's great.

How are all of you? Big year of changes and some announcements from me coming up.  Hope you are well.

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