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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe....#SpaceOpera #ComingSoon #MakeMineaCowboy with @HVLong

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Confession time, I'm a big freaking nerd. Huge. Massive. Over the top, flame on, card carrying geek with nerd cred. I can quote Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and so many more. I grew up watching the Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman on television. Star Wars (before it was episode IV A New Hope) was the first movie I ever saw in a theater at the age of 5. I fell in love with comic books and superheroes by the time I was six.

This love affair with science fiction and fantasy persisted into my adulthood and frankly over the last sixteen years or so I've hit nerdvana between the Lord of the Rings films, the reboot of Star Trek, the Marvel movies, Deadpool and of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Between this renaissance on television and film, I also launched a writing career I'd always wanted and published several books. While I have many projects I'm passionate about from my Wolves of Willow Bend to Going Royal to Boomers to Fevered Hearts, I've never had the chance--let me rephrase that--I've never taken the chance to take my writing journey to the stars and beyond (whew, I almost typed to infinity and beyond, but not going there yet!)

All of that changes in December when (thanks to my husband who wouldn't shut up about it) and my beloved readers who whole-heartedly supported the idea, Shaw Sullivan and I will take you on a journey aboard the Gilly. Trust me when I say, this is not going where he or I thought it would.

Also fair warning, while I adore and favor romance, Space Cowboy Survival Guide is much more space opera with a hint of romance possible.

The book releases on December 13th, and I invite you to grab your ticket for this wild adventure and join me...say yes, you know you want to!

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My name is Jennifer Kacey....and I have Lupus.

Words on the page. Tends to make things real seeing them in black and white. Sure makes the words in the title all kinds of real.

I'm being treated for Systemic Lupus, Sjogren's Sydrome and Raynaud's Phenomenon. Only a handful of people know what's been going on but I've finally decided to share. Because if I can help somebody else know they aren't alone in this then it will be worth it!

Gonna share some of my awesomeness to start with! Notice the oh so sexy Butterfly rash on my nose and cheeks.
Malar Butterfly Rash - Lupus

And I get these odd oval kind of rashes in random places all over my body. I'm incredibly sensitive to the sun which can make everything I'm dealing with worse.
Discoid Rash - Lupus

 Sjogren's Syndrome which is characterized by incredibly dry eyes, mouth, nose, and skin. I happen to have this inside my body too which affects my entire GI tract. Food = pain to me. If I could go the rest of my life without eating I'd be soooo happy!! This part I'm still trying to get a handle on and will see a specialist in November. :)
Super dry mouth - Sjogren's

and Raynaud's Phenomenon. My hands and feet (fingers and toes mostly) will stop circulating blood. They turn white and I lose all feeling in them. Cold is scary for me and if I get incredibly stressed out quickly that can trigger it as well. Circulation and feeling will slowly come back once I get my digits warmed up. It's something I have to be incredibly aware of because if I don't get circulation back in a reasonable time I could lose the affected parts. Boo!!!

All three are auto immune diseases which have a high probability of showing up together. I also have symptoms of Crest Schleroderma as well, cause you know, why not? Tiny capillaries burst due to enlarged blood vessels and this is called Telangiectasias. I have it on my lips, around my nose, my chest and arms. Plus my esophagus stops working sometimes, Raynaud's is tied to this and I get tiny deposits of calcium in my skin. The one piece I don't have is Schlerodactyly which I never want. As in ever. Ever ever.
Telangiectasias - Schleroderma

I've been sick for a long time. Portions of Raynaud's going back twenty five years but I just thought it was something I dealt with. Not a disease, I've been making excuses for my body for so long it became acceptable. Then I got really sick and had to completely focus on what was going on. I was dying and I knew it.

I have symptoms with pictures that go back to 2008 for these illnesses and I've been missdiagnosed or undiagnosed ever since. A lot more symptoms showed up four years ago including cases of strep that I just couldn't kick. For the end of 2014 and all of 2015 I had strep over and over again, finally deciding to get my tonsils out because I just couldn't fathom being sick any more. I met with an ENT in Oct 2015 and she completely agreed I needed the surgery. Said something else could be going on but hopefully the surgery would take care of things and I could get back to living. I had surgery in Dec 2015 after two more rounds of strep. I was even strep positive during my Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. It sucked so bad. Not gonna lie. Day 5 after the surgery was hell on earth. Recovery was tough. But I just kept thinking I'll never have strep again. As in ever and that kept me going. Then I got strep again. And again. And again. I got it every month in 2016 until June when I was referred to Infectious Disease to see what else was going on and why I was getting sicker and sicker. ID ended up not helping me at all and just told me to go back to my primary doctor because she didn't give a shit but she said something that altered the course of my journey. She's the first person to mention auto immune diseases to me and she put me on steroids which gave me the first light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

At this point I was losing weight at a very fast rate, my blood pressure was getting higher and higher, my heart would miss beats often, trouble breathing, I was hot all the time but with no fever, my muscles were freaking out all the time and I had a laundry list of other systems. A funny red pattern on my face, incredibly light sensitive to the point I was wearing sunglasses all the time (which is why I'm wearing sunglasses in almost every picture now), mouth sores which I'd never had before, and headaches that were unreal kinds of debilitating no matter how much ibuprofen I took.

So I started doing my own research. I found as comprehensive a list of auto immune diseases as I could find and I started with A. For two weeks and hours and hours of research at night I went through the list alphabetically looking at lists of symptoms and pictures to see if I could find anything that matched. It was a no, no, no until I got to Systemic Lupus. When I found it...I cried. I poured through research and test results and pictures and blogs and I knew I had found my people. Seriously, there is nothing in the world as incredible as feeling all alone and discovering an entire community of people who know EXACTLY what I'm going through.

So you'd think I was done with my struggle and could get help immediately right?
So did I. I made an appointment with my doctor, who had been my doctor I trusted for 12 years. I compiled pages worth of information documenting what I was dealing with. Lists of symptoms I didn't know were symptoms until I found Lupus. Pages of pictures of odd things my body had been doing for so long that I didn't know were all tied together. I went into that appointment so sick I was barely functional. What did I get? A God complex. From the doctor I believed in I was met with nothing but resistance because I had figured it out. He reluctantly ran some tests, and told me to drink more water and rest. When I left that appointment I had never felt so defeated.
The next week in July I was hospitalized because my body was shutting down. There's not much scarier than knowing your body is crapping out and there's nothing you can do. Oh, no, there is one thing scarier. Knowing you're dying and not being able to get help from your doctor because you diagnosed yourself. The fact nobody else cared enough to dig to find answers for me was inconsequential. The hospital experience was less than awesome. No one could get an IV in because my veins were shitting the bed like the rest of me. I wasn't allowed any of my medication for more than 24 hours and I found out the diagnosis put on my hospital intake forms was anorexia.
Talk about one more big FUCK YOU stamped on my forehead.

On the morning I was released my doctor came in to give me the test results he'd run in his office and to tell me I was wrong. One test result was positive but nothing else lined up right so I was wrong. Oh and to tell me I was probably just depressed and he wanted to put me on anti depression meds.
Know what I did? Laughed in his face and asked him to refer me to the Rheumatology and Auto Immune Department of UT Southwestern in Dallas.
I'm no shrinking violet. Ever.
My mantra I live by is Never Settle. I have it tattooed on my side so I never forget where I came from.
I knew something was wrong, I knew I'd stepped all over his doctorly toes and he didn't want to listen. So fuck him. I'd find somebody that would.
Thankfully he brought me copies of all of my test results.
The one test result that was positive. My ANA.
Which happens to be the most prevalent test for Lupus. It was 1:80 that day which is the lowest positive result but it was positive. That's all that mattered to me.
He'd promised to run other tests if my ANA was positive and I oh so nicely reminded him of that fact. He begrudgingly agreed to run them the next week and agreed to refer me to the doctor of my choosing.
Yeah, I felt like a rockstar that day. Just a sick one.

Something else in my bloodwork that day, that he said was just fine? My white blood cells. They were abnormally low but he didn't mention that. Thankfully I'd played this game long enough to get everything in writing so I could do my own research.
Guess what another symptom of Lupus is?
You guessed it. Low WBC counts.

Five weeks later I went to see Auto Immune just as sick as I had been for months. She ran more tests, lots of what had already been run to see what had changed, and she seemed skeptical at best even with all of my documentation. I waited another week and felt nothing but defeated. Then my ANA came back again. In less than a month and a half it had jumped to 1:640. I finally...finally...had her attention. She listened to me. Really listened. She said everyone with Lupus is different. Everyone follows a different course of the disease and this just happens to be mine. And because my bloodwork was so funky I got to spend two weeks thinking I had lymphoma. That was fun. But thankfully all of that was negative and everything still points to complications of Lupus.
I'll see my auto immune doctor every 6 months for the rest of ever to see what changes and how I progress, adjust medications, etc.

I've been put on three new kinds of medicine (which brings my total to 7) to try to get the symptoms under control and have already had to adjust two of them to get me the most relief possible. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention I've had insomnia coupled with horrifying nightmares since November of 2015. Go team!

So what you ask turned everything from annoying to unbearable?
The tonsillectomy surgery.
Something that was supposed to help is what triggered the Lupus flare that has latest almost a full year. Talk about a kick in the nuts people.

Why am I sharing this now?
Because, six weeks into treatment, I think I'm finally on the road to my new normal. Some days I feel better and other days are very much not awesome.
My headaches are still horrible some days but I'm not getting them everyday which is so amazing. My joint pain is soooo much better and my muscle pain and cramping is getting better too. My pleurisy is better, my heart feels stronger and doesn't stop near as often as it has been.

I am Lupus. And I'm going to kick it's ass so hard I'm gonna be the poster child for living with these diseases.

I've always been incredibly private about my health. I don't like to whine. It's pointless and I see it as other people having to deal with my awful. I'll pass. I love being positive and seeing the amazing in everything. So sharing all of this seemed like the opposite of amazing. But I've been living with this so long with no help because I thought it was just me. I have to wonder if I'd shared some of this years ago if I wouldn't have found help then. And then I think about someone else out there going through the same things I am and thinking it's just them.
Fuck. That.
Feeling alone in this makes everything worse so I'm going to try hard not to shove it all in my little box marked "Poopy".

Since opening up to other people I've learned someone else I'm super close to was recently diagnosed with Lupus as well. The specifics of our disease are different but I have someone else that understands what I'm dealing with. It's incredible to talk to someone else that understands how I feel. Overwhelmingly fantastic.

So this is my story, the first step in a very long journey but one I'm going to rock the shit out of.

The moral of the story? Three actually.
1 - Listen to your body. If you think something is wrong don't listen to anyone else tell you they know better. Cause they don't. Going through all of this I also realized I had misdiagnosed Shingles in 2005 and have been dealing with postherpetic neuralgia ever since. Just one more thing I've ignored thinking it was just me being a special snowflake.

2 - This journey, though it has sucked ass so bad, has put me in the facility with the medical team I trust to get me well. Talk about a long ass broken road leading me to the right place. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be and for that I am incredibly thankful.

3 - Live every day like it's your last because you aren't guaranteed a tomorrow.
I'm gonna make mine fantastic!!! Who's with me?!?!?!?


PS - And I just tested positive for strep again yesterday....SMH. Pretty sure I'd like to get off this ride. Anybody got the emergency off button?!?!? :)

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Cowboy to Command: Stripped Down Cowboys #2 by Sabrina York

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The second sexy, Stripped Down novel from the author of Stud for Hire.
Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true...
Satisfaction is the name of the game at the Double S Ranch, where the men are more than willing to play. They come from all walks of life, and each has their own reason for dancing for a lady’s pleasure.

A former Navy SEAL, Brandon Stewart started dancing after an injury in the field put him out of commission. The power he commands when a woman’s eyes are locked on him makes Brandon feel like the man he used to be. But when he meets Porsche, Brandon has never felt more stripped bare.

The spirited beauty needs a handsome fake boyfriend to make another man jealous. But Brandon is determined to prove to Porsche that pretending with him is nothing compared to the real thing...

Read an excerpt!

Dougal scampered around them, chasing dust whorls, but Brandon’s attention was on Porsche’s face. He was loath to let her go. “So, did you and Claire come up with any brilliant ideas?” He wasn’t truly interested, but this was as good a ploy as any to keep her here. For a while longer at least.
Porsche threw back her head and laughed. Her eyes sparkled and her parted lips tantalized him. “No. We got distracted.” She leaned closer. “We often do.”
“What distracted you?”
She pinned an innocent look on her face. “Lisa was making profiteroles.”
“What the hell are profiteroles?”
“Choux à la crème,” she said with a wave of her hand.
He laughed. “Still in the dark.”
“Cream puffs.”
Now that he understood. “I should probably go visit the kitchen.”
“Good luck with that. Claire’s in there. We call her Hooverlips.” 
“That is hardly kind.”
“Maybe not. But true. She does love to eat.”
Dougal spotted another dust whorl and shot off in yet another direction. The leash wound around their legs and they, perforce drew closer. And damn, he loved the feel of her pressing against his chest and groin, her smile, her laugh as she fell against him.
She gazed up into his eyes and said, “I think we’re trapped.”
“I think so too.” But he could hardly complain. Until she tried to wiggle free.
Then again, he did like the wiggling.
They both laughed as they became even more inextricably entwined and then, all of a sudden, Porsche froze. Her gaze, wide and welcoming, snapped to his. “Oh, kiss me now,” she gushed and his heart thumped. She wrapped her arms around his neck and went up on her tiptoes and pursed her lips.
Though he was hardly disinclined, he was surprised. What had incited this sudden and incongruous passion? He stared at her in shock as his body went on point, hummed, trilled with exhilaration and excitement.
“Hurry,” she said. “He’s watching.”
He’s watching.
Well hell. His mood plummeted. He should have realized. He should have expected as much. He was a fool for thinking she suddenly wanted to kiss him.
He was struck with an immediate anger, and at the same time, a scorching determination.
Kiss her?
He’d give her a kiss she would never forget.
He took her cheeks in his hands and tipped her head a bit to the side and stared at her. “Are you ready?” he asked in a whisper.
She blinked. “I…ah…yes.”
But still, he waited, staring at her lips, so full and lush. He’d waited so long to taste her, the anticipation itself was delicious. Slowly, he lowered his head and he brushed his mouth over hers, a tease and nothing more. Then he did it again.
Good God, she was delectable.  Soft, sweet, a velvety heaven. She tasted of sugar and a hint of chocolate with an undertone of…Porsche. He wanted to sink into her. Consume her.
So he did.
He deepened the kiss, investing in it all his desire, his hope, his passion.
And God help him, she responded.
She tightened her hold and pressed against him and made little mewling sounds that set his body on fire.
He leaned into the kiss, bending her back, grasping for all he could reach.
It became a conflagration, a wild storm swirling them both in a savage whirlwind of gargantuan proportions that was—
An annoying voice came from his left. Brandon attempted to ignore it.
He lifted his head and stared down into Porsche’s eyes. He was gratified that she seemed dazed and boneless. Really gratified when she reached up for another kiss. And that, of course, set him off again as well. He couldn’t get enough.
Not ever.
“Hello? People? That’s good. You can disengage.” Claire—for that was who it was—attempted to pull them apart.
“But Cody’s watching,” Porsche murmured, snuggling in closer.
“He’s gone.”
To Brandon’s disgruntlement, she eased back, still staring into his eyes. “He’s gone,” she whispered.
“I heard,” he said. But he couldn’t resist one more kiss. Just one.
And damn it all to hell. Why hadn’t Cody stayed just a little longer?

 Preorder now on Amazon!

Cowboy to Command by Sabrina York 10/18/2016
Spurred On by Sabrina York  01/17/2017


Stripped Down Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter:

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Hecate said there’d be days like this. #MagicMayhemWorld #KindleWorld #Instafreebie #TheWitchSinger

the-witch-singer-web-sizeThe Witch Singer
Witches of Mane Street #1

Curses. Vampires. Skunks. The life of a Witch Singer shouldn’t be this complicated.

After years spent paying off an old debt by working for the vampires, Bridget the Witch Singer receives the opportunity of the lifetime. Solve one vampire’s oops—he turned the wrong person—and she’s a free witch. Desperate to win her freedom, she heads to Assjacket to find the solution to the vampire’s problem and everything goes wrong along the way, including a flat tire, getting sprayed by a skunk and the road trip from hell.

Unfortunately, Martin is no ordinary skunk and his spray is a nervous tick. She does her best to save the beast when her scream accidentally wounds him and springs him from his curse. Good news for Martin, not so good for Bridget who can’t get rid of him. Once in Assjacket, she’s tasked by the BabaYoMama to unite at least two couples and sing at their weddings in order to gain the cure she needs for her freedom.

No problem, right?
Read the first two chapters via Instafreebie right now!

Discover More Great Tales in the Magic & Mayhem World


What is Kindle Worlds?
Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The titles written for the world can NOT be purchased at other ebook retailers or anywhere besides the Amazon US site, but they can be read on any tablet, computer, or smartphone using the free Kindle App.

Who is Robyn Peterman? So glad you want to know!

Robyn is a fantastically funny and kind author.  I had the great good fortune of meeting Robyn while I was Romancing the Capital in Ottawa in 2016. What a great meeting that turned out to be. From the moment sh clasped my arm, I knew I'd found a friend. More I'd found someone who got me and who possessed a wickedly delightful sense of humor. When she invited me to participate in her Kindle World, I was over the moon, but I had no idea just how much. I immediately devoured all three books upon which the Kindle World is based. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Don't miss all the fantastic authors who are also participating, I adore these women.  My tales are meant to illuminate the stories of witches who want one thing, but get something else entirely. Sometimes the best prayers and wishes are those that remain unanswered.

To see all the published books in Robyn’s Magic & Mayhem Series, visit her webpage.

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New Release from Sabrina York: Trickery, A Halloween Romance! #Giveaway

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Though seducing a mortal is expressly forbidden, novice witch Willow Ostreth wants Austin. Bad. Unbeknownst to Willow, Austin—the glorious, delicious specimen who makes her heart pound and her body weep—is no mere mortal. He’s really Damien DeWinter, a powerful warlock, a man determined to lure Willow—and bind her—to his bed.

When the luscious Willow breaks the rules and uses her magic to ensnare him, Damien—rebel, renegade, outcast from the Witching World—figures he has carte blanche to pursue her and seduce her using any means possible. And his arsenal is vast.

What neither of them realizes as they tempt and torment each other with pleasure is that there’s a greater magic at work here. One that could bind them together, forever.

An excerpt from: TRICKERY
 The walk back to her apartment took forever. Willow had trouble restraining herself from skipping ahead and grabbing his hand and tugging him to move faster. Her mind roiled with scenarios of seduction and they all ended in the same way. His cock—his thick, hard cock—deep inside her.
She licked her lips and gazed at him, loving that she had to tip her chin to see his face. She loved a looming man. A big, muscular looming man. She loved when they pushed her down on the bed and forced their way between her thighs. She loved the weight of them, the pressure of their bodies on hers. The domination…
Of course, it wouldn’t do to begin there. She’d have to lead Austin down this path step-by-step. Train him properly. If he was as good as she expected, as good as her instincts screamed, she’d want to keep him, even after the Circle. Even after the Goddess assigned her a warlock mate with whom she would be obliged to make magical babies.
She’d have to keep him a secret. The Sisters would have a conniption if they found out—they were very particular about whom she fucked.
Why they cared, she didn’t have a clue.
“Here we are.” Austin sprinted up the steps and held open the door to their brownstone. He bowed in a charming old-fashioned manner. “After you, milady.”
Willow giggled and stepped inside, aware that he followed, prowled behind her like a big cat. Silly boy. He thought he was seducing her.
She glanced at him as she fit her key in the lock. Saw his face fall.
“I thought…” He trailed off, looking woebegone and dejected.
“I thought maybe we’d go to my place.” He gestured up the stairs. “Have a drink?”
Her lips curled. He thought she was dismissing him. That she’d simply allowed him to walk her home and this was the end of it. Silly, naïve little mortal.
“A drink? I’d like that.” She opened her door wide and waved him in. He didn’t budge. She cleared her throat. “I have a lovely bottle of wine I’ve been saving for a special occasion.”
Just how special, he could never know.
“Great.” His face lit up. “Bring it.”
Willow blinked. She’d always envisioned entrapping him in her apartment, had layered spells all around the bed to ensure his compliance with her wicked wishes. But…surely it didn’t matter if they fucked first in his bed. Did it? The potion would guarantee his submission.
“Okay. Let me grab it.” She rushed into her apartment, through to her kitchen and grabbed the bottle she’d filled only last night. It was sealed with a waxed stopper, intricately etched with an erotic incantation. She snagged the chalice as well and chuckled to herself.
Austin wouldn’t know what hit him.
She practically floated up the two flights of stairs in his wake, twitching and creaming and trying to still her heart as his ass—his perfectly molded, tight ass—waggled in her face. Yum. Yum, yum, yum.
It was delicious, having power like this, despite all the pesky rules and constraints that came with it. She could have any man she desired. Anytime she wanted him.
His hand trembled a little as he unlocked the door. It took several tries for him to put the key in the lock but he was hardly tentative. He ushered her into his apartment, spun her around, plastered her against the wall and put his hot, hard mouth on hers.
Mercy! The calling spell was definitely stronger than she’d realized.
She didn’t mind at all.
Austin’s kiss was scrumptious, a tantalizing mix of sweet arousal and banked passion. His lips dragged over hers in a drugging rhythm. Then he sucked on her lower lip, nibbled.
Willow shivered. Dear Gaia, he was a good kisser. She really didn’t want to stop, didn’t want it to end, and she groaned in protest when his warm, wet lips trailed away, across her cheek and to her ear. But then…
But then his mouth settled on the crook of her neck and he nuzzled her there until she shuddered. With that shudder, that convulsion of every cell in her body, a glob of cream oozed out of her cunt and dampened her panties.
Perhaps it was her imagination but when he lifted his head, a dazed look in his eyes, his nostrils flared as if he could smell her.

Night Owl Reviews—TOP PICK Five stars
This book has some very steamy scenes that go on for pages so be prepared to get super-hot! The author has created this short paranormal tale that also has a snappy dialogue between the main characters. Plus the tale also has great background characters that keep the dialogue going on to the next scene. Some parts made me laugh. Trickery kept my attention from the beginning until the very end of it. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Emerald Isle Enchantment Box Set with Dena Garson and Rebecca Royce

Emerald Isle Enchantment Box Set
Includes works from: Katalina Leon, Dena Garson, Rebecca Royce, J.L. LaRose,
Rea Thomas, Louisa Masters, &Virginia Cavanaugh
Paranormal romance
Release Date:  Oct. 11, 2016

An Irish castle, griffin-shifters, vampires and ghosts that go hump in the night.
Seven steamy paranormal romance stories with a magical Celtic twist.

Blurb (Long):

Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds, werewolves lurk in the woods, a vampire falls in love with a jewel thief, seductive Djinn appear the bedchambers, an enchanted lift carries lovers away, and a lonely griffin patrols the castle ramparts hoping to reclaim its long lost mate. And that’s just the beginning of Emerald Isle Enchantment, steamy paranormal romance with a magical Celtic twist.
·         Katalina Leon -Lord Griffin’s Prize. A loyal griffin’s love is forever, but Ronan has only has one day to win back his long lost lover.
·         Dena Garson -Ghostly Persuasion. True love is a special kind of magic. But is it strong enough to break a three hundred year old curse?
·         Rebecca Royce -Crimson Lust. Stealing a ruby made him a vampire. Now she'll steal his heart.
·         Rea Thomas -Desire and the Djinn. This Djinn can make all of Ciara’s sexiest desires come true.
·         J.L. LaRose -Phantom Mischief. Should a girl scream and run for her life when pinned to the bed by a ghost performing the best sex ever? Not a chance.
·         Louisa Masters -An Irish Flirtation. A last-minute change of venue has wedding planner Jillian on edge. Can the magic of Castle Tullamore and sexy Fin tempt her to throw away a lifetime of professionalism?
·         Virginia Cavanaugh -Tell Me Your Secrets. Jesenia came to castle Tullamore hoping to find her muse, instead she was chased by a wolf right into the arms of sexy, mysterious Dorian.

Medium Blurb:
Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds, werewolves lurk in the woods, a vampire falls in love with a jewel thief, seductive Djinn appear the bedchambers, an enchanted lift carries lovers away, and a lonely griffin patrols the castle ramparts hoping to reclaim its long lost mate. And that’s just the beginning of Emerald Isle Enchantment, steamy paranormal romance with a magical Celtic twist.Katalina Leon, Dena Garson, Rebecca Royce, Rea Thomas, Louisa Masters, Virginia Cavanaugh, J.L. LaRose.

Short-Short Blurb:
Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Seven steamy paranormal romance stories with a magical Celtic twist. Find love with a vampire, amorous ghosts, Djinn, a griffin and more.

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Tags:  spirit, fated love, Ireland, curse, haunted, castle, witch, djinn, vampire, werewolf, Katalina Leon, Lord Griffin’s Prize, Dena Garson, Ghostly Persuasion, Rebecca Royce, Crimson Lust, Rea Thomas, Desire and the Djinn, J.L. LaRose, Phantom Mischief, Louisa Masters, An Irish Flirtation, Virginia Cavanaugh, Tell Me Your Secrets

We also have a Free Sampler/Teaser of all the books in the set available for download at: