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Broken Silence by Jennifer Kacey

I was asked to write a book in the Black Hills Wolves multi author series by another one of our amazing divas, Rebecca Royce.
From the moment we discussed Paul and his heart ache I HAD to write his story. There are less than a handful of characters that have yanked at my heart strings as much as Paul did. I LOVED getting to help him find his forever with PG and find his rightful place in the pack. Thought I'd share an excerpt today because a couple days ago I received a very awesome fan email about how Paul's story touched her.

Can't begin to describe how awesome it is when someone takes the time to tell me when one of my stories changes them! I love writing so much. SO. MUCH.


More than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn’t win. Silenced him forever for speaking out against the former Alpha, stole his destiny, and robbed him of his place in the pack.

Presley Ginger, a tiny human female, couldn’t have been further from what he expected to walk into the bar and alter his future. But he couldn’t tell her anything about his wolf or his shift. Nothing. Bound by a direct order from the enforcer to keep her in the dark, his need for her would never see the light of day. Then the moon rose above him in the presence of his mate and changed everything.

For years, in the background is where he stayed, unable to find his voice. Until his rainbow-haired mate showed up in the Black Hills—with the answer in her hands.
 This is book #42 in the Black Hills Wolves series from Decadent Publishing!!

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Paul woke screaming.
Well. His version of screaming. A bit different with no tongue. He tried to strangle the noise in his throat by clenching his teeth together and it finally worked.
Breath rushed in and out of his lungs and he wiped at his face.
Wet with blood.
Panic gripped him as he fumbled for the light on his nightstand.
Several things hit the floor before he found the switch.
Wiping his face again his heart stopped as he looked at his hand.
His head hit the headboard as he relaxed.
It was only sweat. Thank God.
He counted to a hundred to try to calm his erratic pulse. And then did it again until he could breathe normally.
His future was Hail Mary’d that day. His life was thrown as hard as possible into the wind with who knew what on the other end.
He could have died. If he were human he probably would have.
Yet—he’d lived.
Some days he wondered if surviving was a good thing or a bad thing.
Things were better with Drew, the new Alpha—an immeasurable amount better. More than a decade after he was ostracized from the pack, Drew returned to take his rightful place at the head of it. Challenging his father, Drew killed Magnum in an Alpha challenge.
It was quick. Decisive.
The fact someone had been poisoning Magnum for some time played little into the outcome of the fight. Paul had his suspicions, but he said nothing—warned no one. Magnum’s death proved far quicker than Paul had wanted.
The man who mutilated him should have suffered. He didn’t like having those feelings but they were there. They were there for Magnum and for the five wolves who’d stolen his future.
They were all dead—every one of them. Taken out because they couldn’t be trusted. Killed because they decided their hate was worth fighting for.
They were wrong.
Sometimes Paul wouldn’t remember they were dead. Sometimes getting stuck in the past was as simple as slipping on an old coat full of holes. The illusion of warmth clung to his foggy brain but he was so cold. His faith in others? Fleeting, so he had a hard time putting his trust in anyone.
Or friendship.
Or love.
He shook his head and ran his fingers over his short blond hair making sure it was still cropped close to his skull.
Short. He always kept his hair short now.
Short enough no one could grab it.
Never again would it be used against him.
Staring at his hands in front of him, he measured their width. Their size was the same as the other Wolves in the pack, but his hands didn’t pull the same weight. He was damaged goods. Unable to speak to anyone, he looked at the nightstand to find his only method of communicating. Two things which hadn’t fallen were his notepad and pen he kept with him all the time. So he could write clipped messages to people when he had to communicate.
It got the job done, but the necessity left him even more disconnected. Relaxing his biceps, he let his hands fall to his lap then he closed his eyes, as he tried to focus past the nightmare.
The pack had hope again—stronger than ever thanks to the deaths. They’d found unity and faith in their Alpha. Hell, they even found faith in each other, in their pack, first decimated by a madman then wounded by another.
The members of the Black Hills Wolves were coming home. He was happy to be a part of the growth. Happy to help welcome them back. He’d stayed for so many years with the hope of witnessing the resurrection of their pack.
Not his.
Never his, because he was separate from them. Lesser. He’d never be Alpha. Sure as hell wasn’t a Dominant Wolf by any stretch of the word. Barely even a Beta with the females of the pack. He was relegated to being an Omega. A weakling. Yes they all told him he was needed. Wanted even. They told him Omegas made the pack stronger, they helped—but how? No, he didn’t see it.
He shook his head and rubbed it one more time.
The night was so silent all around him.
Where he always stayed. In the silence.
Most days it still felt as if he were free falling toward a black future with nothing to hold onto. Where he’d land, he didn’t know.
All he prayed for each night and every morning? To find when he landed—he wouldn’t be alone.

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School

As my kids go back to school, it reminds me of how decadent being home alone can be.

5. Something is different. What's that lack of noise? Oh yeah, it's silence!-
     I love having my kids home with me but they're really loud. I'd forgotten how nice the lack of noise sounds.

4. Is that ice cream in the freezer?
    I don't hide from my kids when I eat things like ice cream and candy bars. I'm not being a condescending parent, I'm just too lazy to hide. Plus, my kids tend to notice when I'm not out in public view so they look for me when I'm not right there. It's a lot like when they get quiet. So I tend to eat healthier when they're constantly under foot. I don't mind them eating ice cream and candy bars, but I prefer them eating peanut butter crackers and fruit. When they aren't here with me, however, I'm more likely to break out the junk food.

3. Grocery shopping without any requests.-
    All summer long my kids have been adding things to my grocery list. Let's face it, I'm lucky if I can remember all the necessities when I go shopping. All the extras have been really taxing my memory and my budget. With the kids back in school, there are no more extra requests!!

2. School lunches.-
    It's fun to make new and creative lunches for the kids during summer....for about the first two weeks. After three months of coming up with a lunch menu, it's extremely decadent to hand that responsibility over to the schools.

1. I can do anything I want!-
    After three months of catering to my kids summer schedule, I can do whatever I want during the day! I mean, most likely I'll be writing, working out, and walking our dogs. But I don't have to tell anybody what I'm doing every five minutes!!! I can just spend the day doing my stuff, which is very decadent.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stud for Hire by Sabrina York: New release and Giveaway

Stud for Hire by Sabrina York
Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true...

When her sister plans a wild bachelorette weekend at the Double S Ranch, Hanna Stevens is pretty sure she’ll just grin and bear it while the other women get their fill of hot cowboy strippers. After all, Hanna has never met a man who made her really want.

Zack, Hanna’s future husband, offered to marry her and save her family’s ranch from financial ruin, and while she accepted, it was never what you’d call a passionate affair. But when she locks eyes with Logan, Hanna is suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling she’s always craved and never experienced: Pure. Animal. Desire...
The first in a new series of Stripped Down Cowboys from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sabrina York

"Sabrina York can write a sexy cowboy like no other!" Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

Read an Excerpt

Logan’s heart stilled and then shot into a rapid tattoo. He dropped the heavy bale on the ground. It landed with a dull thud and a plume of dust. Slowly, he turned, trying to ignore the shivers running over his skin at that low, sultry voice.
And yeah. There she was, backlit by the sun in the yawning barn door, a tantalizing silhouette.
He tipped back his hat so he could see her better. Wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, she was beautiful. Her red hair was down, flowing over her shoulders like a rippling stream, teased by the breeze. The buttons of her plaid shirt strained against the curves of her breasts. He loved the way her skinny jeans clung to her legs, disappearing in a pair of well-worn boots.
She wasn’t supposed to be here. The women were supposed to be settling in, dressing for the evening’s festivities. A Hunky Hoedown. Logan was supposed to be preparing for that too—but he’d decided to work off his simmering energy here, in the barn.
He hadn’t really expected her to take him up on his offer and find him here. Never dared hope.
But…here she was.
His knees went a little weak. He tightened his muscles and forced himself to remain where he was, watching her every move. Every breath.
Though he suspected why she’d come, he wasn’t sure. It would be wise to let her make the first move.
God help him.
Because he wanted to pounce.
“So…” She wandered deeper into the barn, pretending to study the tools hanging on the wall. Her fingers drifted over a harness; the sight made a shudder walk through him.  When Gotham poked out a head and sprayed her with a welcoming snort, she patted his snout, but not like a city girl. Not with a tentative pat as though she were afraid he’d bite.
Logan swallowed the pool of drool in his mouth. He’d like to take a bite. Of that.
“So…” she repeated. “Is this a working ranch, or only a weekend bordello?”
Logan stiffened. If he wasn’t mistaken, that was a flirtatious tone. She flicked a look at him, from beneath amber lashes and his gut clenched. Shit. It was.
His heart lurched. His cock swelled. Sudden sweat beaded his brow.
This was Hanna. His Hanna—well, the Hanna of his dreams. The woman he’d wanted forever, the woman who’d never seen him.
And she was flirting. With him.
Inexorably drawn to her, he stepped closer. “Oh. It’s a working ranch.” A low rumble, infused with meaning. Yeah. He’d like to work her. Work her over.
“I see.” She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. It took every ounce of concentration in him to keep his gaze on her face. Oh, it was a fascinating face, but the cleavage her action created was even more mesmerizing.
His brain fizzled and popped at that hint of a shadow. He said the only thing that came to mind—the only thing fit to say, at least. “Cody has over two hundred head.”
“I see. Do you…” Her attention trickled over his bare chest. He was covered in sweat and bits of hay. She didn’t seem to mind. Her lips pursed. Then she licked them. “Do you work here?”
He snorted. “No.” His days working as a cowpoke for Cody were long gone…unless he lost a bet.
“Ah.” Her gaze flicked up to his. The muscle in her cheek tightened. “I didn’t think so.”
The words skimmed over him in a hot rush, her tone, low and woven with implication. His breath hitched at the look in her beautiful eyes.
And then it plunged to his toes.
Because he could tell, from every line of her face, from the way she held her body, from the way she looked at him. She didn’t recognize him.
She had no idea who he was. No idea they’d gone to high school together. No memory of what he’d done, how he’d risked everything for her. And nearly lost.
Nope. She thought he was just a random stripper. Manflesh brought in for the sole purpose of providing pleasure to the lady guests.
On the one hand, that pissed him off.
But on the other hand…hell, she thought he was a stripper.  Probably one willing to make himself available to Cody’s guests should the right offer arise.
A mix of annoyance, need and lust warred within him.
Lust won.
Hanna Stevens, the prim and proper princess of Snake Gully, thought he was a stud for hire. And she wanted him.
This could be fun.
He stepped closer to her, adopting a gait, an attitude he assumed a man of lesser morals might employ. “I’m just here for the weekend, ma’am. Just here to make sure you ladies have a…good time.”
“I-I see.”
“My name is Logan.”
Yeah. He knew. He knew her name.
She tipped up her head as he neared. Her eyes went wide. Pupils dilated. Lips parted. Damn, she was a tiny thing. Heat gathered low in his belly. He fought back the urge to yank her into his arms and kiss the shit out of her. “I…ah…and…” She glanced away and then slowly forced her gaze back. “And what would that good time entail…exactly?”
Everything in him stilled.
First, because hell, was she propositioning him?
And second because, hell! She was propositioning him.
“That’s…negotiable.” He hated that his voice cracked on the words. But he really couldn’t help it. It was all he could do to keep control of his raging emotions. Okay. His raging lust. His cock was hard. Tight in his jeans. Thudding with every beat of his heart. And his pulse thrummed like an out of control jackhammer. “W-what do you like?”
He was pretty sure gentlemen of the evening didn’t stutter, but he couldn’t help himself. He held his breath, waiting for her answer. God, he wanted to know. He’d always wanted to know. Ached to know.
She drew her finger along the leather harness dangling from the wall and his cock jerked in sympathetic reaction. “I don’t know. Something…improper.” The look she flicked at him set his soul on fire. A dark wind screamed through him like a violent summer storm on the range.
“I can do improper.” Could he.
She stepped closer. Her scent engulfed him, clouded his brain. Something feminine and light, like powder. She tipped her chin and met his gaze as she set her palm flat on his chest. He nearly winced at the touch. Their first real touch. His muscles bunched at the effort to hold back that involuntary reaction. Her hand was tiny. She was tiny. He wanted to scoop her up, find a nice soft pile of hay and roll her in it. Hard.
Her lashes flickered. “Something…very improper.”
He swallowed. “I can do very improper.”
“Something naughty.” A whisper. As though some deep part of her was not allowed to hear.
“I can do naughty,” he whispered back. “I’m very good at naughty.”
A sizzling energy passed between them. She licked her lips again and this time he saw it for what it was. An invitation.
To take.
What he wanted.
What he’d wanted for years.
And he did.
He kissed her.

Read more about the Stripped Down Cowboys!
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Stripped Down Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter:

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The Best Time Of The Year

This summer has flown by, which works for me. I love summer. I love having my kids home with me. I love sleeping in. I love hot days at the pool. But none of those things stack up to fall!!!

Fall is the best time of the year. There's something magical in the air as the days cool and the nights get longer. Of course, it helps that my birthday is at the end of summer? I know it's crazy, but that's my favorite day of the year. Seriously, it is. And this year I turn forty so it'll be extra special. But I'll be posting about that a little later in the month.

After my birthday comes Labor day. The last real holiday of the summer. We usually spend it with friends and food. Friends and food make every holiday amazing. But then the real magic happens. Cuddling up in sweaters, sexy boots replace sandals, and weekends are spent hiking through the green-spaces and parks of Austin.

One thing I do miss over the summer is spending time outside that's not by a pool. I also like to bake more in the fall-when it doesn't make the house unbearably hot.

What's your favorite time of the year?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gun Shy by Sabrina York (Hell Yeah! Kindle World)

Gun Shy by Sabrina York

Returning to his hometown to sell his hated father’s ranch, the last thing Andrew Grant expects to find on his first day in town is a reason to stay. But there she is, Melissa Divine. The girl he loved all those years ago.

But Melissa has changed since those innocent days. She’s just escaped from a hellish marriage and wants nothing to do with any man. Especially not this big, burly alpha biker who reminds her of her ex.

Can this former SEAL change her mind before his time runs out?


It was the grin that did her in. Warm, gentle, understanding.
It was that grin that washed away her reluctance.
He was the man she chose. He was the man her heart and soul told her she wanted.
Could she be wrong?
There was that risk in every decision in every day of living.
There was no shame in the fear.
Running from it was the weakness.
She did not run.
She took a step toward him. And another. She went up on her tiptoes, cupped his nape in her trembling hand, and she kissed him.
His lips were mobile beneath hers and warm, but he made no other move. She had to take his hand and set it on her hip before he touched her. But once she had issued that subtle invitation, he didn’t require more.
He turned her around and braced her against the kitchen counter and deepened the kiss, sending glory and delight through her body. She reveled in the sensation of his mouth trailing hotly over her cheek and down to the crook of her neck, where he nibbled at the sensitive skin there.
Ribbons of pleasure skittered over her nerves and she pressed against him, trying desperately to get closer. His scent surrounded her, filling her nostrils, dizzying her mind. Filling her with an irresistible urge to taste him as well.
Madly, voraciously, they ate at each other, licking, lapping, nipping all exposed skin and then, in a frenetic rush, exposing more. In her frenzy, she popped the buttons off his shirt. They skittered all over the floor, but neither of them noticed or cared. They also ignored the dogs’ amusement with the new toys.
As buttons and toenails clattered on the linoleum, Andrew murmured something unintelligible and walked her backwards into the room off the kitchen.
Thank God the room was off the kitchen.
She didn’t think she had the wherewithal to make it up the stairs.
Her body was afire, liquid and languid—as though an angry volcano bubbled at her core.
Andrew seemed equally shaken. His hands shook as he removed her blouse. His eyes were wide, red-rimmed, as he stared at her breasts, cupped in nothing but lace.
“God,” he sighed. “God.” Then he whipped around and kicked the door closed with his boot.
She laughed. “Why did you do that?”
“The dogs sleep with me sometimes. At the moment I’d prefer they not join us.”
“Excellent idea.”

Get It Now!

Hell Yeah! Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter:

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Iceland and Edinburgh Scotland by Jennifer Kacey

Everyone needs to book trips here. Like stat. OMG everything is beautiful. The people, the places, the food, the adventures. Just wow. Gonna remember this for the rest of my life. Can't wait to share more pics!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Time is Running Out- Wild Wicked Weekend 2017

This February I will be down in San Antonio for my first ever Wild Wicked Weekend. I have been promised a weekend of laughing and hijinks with 150 other romance authors and readers. And let's not forget the fellas. Some of your favorite covers will be on hand, too.

WWW is held at the notorious Menger Hotel, February 23-25th, and is hosted by Brenna Zinn, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, Ella James/Myla Jackson, and Samantha Cayto. I told you, fun!

Jumping right in on the festivities, I even signed up to be a sponsor. Yep, yours truly sponsored the trip to a dungeon. That's right, a dungeon. I'm planning on doing a lot of research that evening. :)

As of this morning, there were only 30 spaces left, so check out the WWW website and come join in on the fun. I don't want to be the only first timer there!

Until next time!

Anna - the Super Diva

Pick up your copy today!

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