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Summer Spotlight on Hot #ParanormalRomance: G. L. Hunter's Guardian Unraveled

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 Hope you're having a fabulous summer. I'm just back from visiting family in the Midwest, where my kiddo got to see fireflies for the first time ever, eat the best cream-filled donuts on the planet (Mel-O-Cream!), and experience a summer storm (thunder and lightning are a rarity in San Francisco). I worked through some stories on my summer reading list on the plane, and plotted the story I'm going to write in July for Camp Nanowrimo. Last month, I mentioned offering you a sneak peek at ORIGINS, but the publisher still has it under wraps, so stay tuned... Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, here's another look at my author-pal Georgia Lyn Hunter's FALLEN GUARDIANS series. I've already introduced you to the first two books, ABSOLUTE SURRENDER and BREAKING FATE, so here's #3:

Guardian Unraveled book cover, by Georgia Lyn Hunter

Title: Guardian Unraveled (#3)
Author: Georgia Lyn Hunter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Fallen Guardians
Release Date: September 2015
Formats: e-book, print, audio

Available at:
Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

From the scorching pits of Tartarus, a warrior emerges with a deadly need for more than vengeance…

A loner, Dagan, lives with an inexorable thirst he’s kept hidden for eons, even from his fellow Guardians. Until he meets a beautiful, maddening human who awakens in him a hunger that shakes him to his very core, and threatens to shatter his tightly erected shields, exposing his dangerous secret. And wanting her is a path leading to destruction.

Driven to find her missing mother in a shadowy world, Shae Ion refuses to be sidetracked. When she becomes the target for a sinister force, a sinfully sexy and utterly impossible immortal abducts her, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. Stuck in an isolated place with the reclusive Guardian who allows no one close, Shae struggles to control her new burgeoning powers, and is unprepared for the tangled emotions he stirs in her. But passion has a way of obliterating barriers.

However, the road to happiness is strewn with treachery. Nothing is sacred or safe. When a ruthless old enemy resurfaces, and comes after Shae, they are drawn into a terrifying, supernatural battle. And not even Dagan, a lethal, immortal warrior who’d lay down his life for her, can save her now…


CHAPTER 1... The rhythmic thudding of hundreds of heartbeats crowded Dagan’s head.

Thump, thump, thump. Hypnotic. Enticing. The draw dangerous, inevitable…if he’d let it.

It was always this way when he first appeared on patrol. Primitive urges locked down, it should be a night like thousands of others in his long life. But this one, the worst.

All Hallows Eve was a pain in the ass.

Hunkered on the rooftop of a warehouse in the Bowery, he coolly eyed the noisy line of humans snaking the sidewalk of Club Nocte, waiting to gain entrance.

Why would Blaéz ask him to check out this area first?

Besides the foolish mortals disguised as what they imagined went bump in the night—and they sure made it easy for the real scourges lurking within the depths of the decrepit backstreet to lure them in and snuff out their feeble little lives—he didn’t sense any sign of supernatural disturbance.

Dagan scanned the alley again, his focus narrowing on a couple. The male dressed in a long, black cape, his arm thrown over the shoulders of a nun in a short habit, hurried the female along. Moonlight underscoring his face pale and a mouth with pointy canines. Count Dracul. Of course.

The twosome headed deeper into the disreputable area with no idea of the dangers that prowled the night. With demoniis out in droves hunting prey, it was always a mess leading up to this night.

Despite the distance, he could clearly see and hear the wannabe vampire. The idiot pushed the nun against a wall, hands fumbling under her tunic. “Let me sink my fangs into you, pretty one…” His voice deepened, probably his idea of vamp talk. Dagan’s lips twisted in cynicism.

“Yes, my dark prince.” The nun laughed, arching into him, her black veil falling back and exposing her smooth, tan neck. “Bite me—make me immortal.”

The man snickered, sucking on her neck instead. Lost in their world of make-believe, she had no idea of the true danger lurking nearby. How absurdly effortless it would be to walk up to her. He wouldn’t even have to say a word, and she’d be his for the taking.

Go. It’s what you want, the dark thoughts unfurled in the pits of his mind, coiling tighter around him. Satisfy the hunger that plagues you.

His powerful mental shields shuddered. His fangs lengthened.

No! He was a Guardian, sworn to protect humans, not kill. With shaky hands, he pulled out a half-smoked cigar from his pocket, put the thing between his lips, and struck a match on the wall. Palms cupped around the flame, he lit it. Inhaling deeply, he let the scented, sedative smoke saturate his lungs and cloak his thirst.

For now.

To read the entire first chapter and a steamy excerpt visit Georgia Lyn Hunter's Website -->


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  • Tangled Sin (standalone)
  • Guardian Unraveled #3
  • For You, I Will #3.5
  • Heart's Inferno #4

Have a great July, Dear Readers, and I'll see you back here on August 30th!


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