Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Release! Sabrina York's Untamed Highlanders: Lana and the Laird

Coming May 31
by Sabrina York

There was something about the cloak of night, the refreshing scent of the sea, the fragrance of her perfume, the way her hair riffled in the breeze. Or maybe it was his churning need to wipe the memory of his father’s visit from his mind, or the suddenly clawing desire to be a man he could never be . . . but Lachlan had to kiss her. Everything in him ached for it.
And so he did.
Though it was foolish and injudicious and wildly inappropriate of him, he did.
He leaned closer, slowly so as not to startle her, threaded his fingers in the silk of her hair, cupped her nape, and set his lips on hers.
It was sublime. She was warm and willing. Her mouth was mobile beneath his as she explored him as gently as he explored her.
Excitement welled, desire roared.
She made a sound, a murmur, a moan, and it incited him to further madness. He deepened the kiss, pulled her closer, eased his tongue into the cavern of her mouth. A shudder racked him as she pressed closer. Her breasts, tender and soft, pressed into his chest. His mind spun. His body shook. Need possessed him.

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