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More Hero Hotness- Hero Unmasked

Are you hungry for more? I sure hope so.

Kristos was noble. Lucian- intense. Dhavin... well, Dhavin is my sweetheart. Funny, strong of heart, and chock full of sexy goodness.

For a while I struggled with how to bring Dhavin and Fiona together, and then I remembered that a huge
portion of a superhero story is the secret identity. Who is in on the secret and what can happen to those in the know is a burden every superhero must consider when choosing to fight crime. With that thought in mind, Hero Unmasked began to write itself, right down to the snow storm and chocolate anise tart. That's right. A chocolate anise tart.

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Hero Unmasked

Book three in the Heroes of Saturn series.
When Dhavin Kilsgaard landed on Earth, he knew trading his life as a royal guard for a position as a small-town police officer would take some adjusting. But not even his skills at foiling assassination attempts and protecting princesses prepared him for the complexity that is the human female. Fiona Corrione’s shy smile makes him hunger for more than a taste of the delicious chocolate she sells in her candy store, but the woman won’t fall for his Llanos charm.

When his empathetic abilities sense her lusty cravings for his superhero alter ego, he doesn’t hesitate to seduce her from behind the mask. Once she falls in love with him, she’ll forgive him for the ruse, right?

Fiona is beyond livid when she discovers the flirtatious officer and her hunky hero lover are one and the same. Before she kicks Dhavin to the curb, she’ll prove Earth girls aren’t easy and revenge is sweetest when served with leather straps and whipped cream.


“Hold up your hand,” he said with a secret smile that made her heart pound in her chest.

She lifted her hand and held her breath as he pressed his palm to hers. “You’re so warm.” She marveled at the amount of heat his
skin generated. It was so toasty, she wanted to step into his arms and wrap him around her like a Snuggie.

“Where I come from is much colder than here. A night like this I consider to be overcast. There are people, like you, who need protection and so I am out to do what I can. But believe me, I’d rather be indoors in front of a fire with a good book and a mug of coffee right now.”

“That sounds lovely.”

“It would be even nicer to have someone to share a blanket with. Do you have anyone waiting for you at home?”

“No, I’m single. Very single.”

“That was a trick question. You shouldn’t admit those things to a stranger. What if I meant you harm and you’ve now confirmed no one is waiting for you?”

“You wouldn’t hurt me.”

“No, but you never know. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on you.”

“Seriously, I can take care of myself. You’re very overwhelming, and I have to admit, I can’t seem to form a sentence with you standing so close.”

“I’m sorry.” He took a step back.

“No!” She grabbed him by the tunic and hauled him closer. “Your heat feels nice.”

His low chuckle was just as warm. “Perhaps we can continue this conversation another time when we’re not in a dark, cold alley?”

“You want to see me again? I mean, not see me, see me, but see me?”

“Ah, Fiona, you make me laugh.” He trailed the tip of his finger down her cheek and along her jaw. “You’re 
like a cloud of cotton candy on a rainy day. Light, sweet and happy. I think you may be just what I’ve been looking for.”

Her breath caught as the hot pad of his thumb brushed along her skin and skimmed her lower lip. His gorgeous eyes blurred in and out of focus as she swayed on her feet.

“Breathe, Fiona,” he whispered.

“What?” She sucked in a cold breath. “Right. I’m all right.”

He chuckled and took the keys from her hand to unlock the car door. “Let’s get you inside and on your way. We’ll meet again. I promise.”

If she were smooth, she would have taken extra care to brush up against him. But she wasn’t. She barely managed to take the few steps around the door and fall hard into the driver’s seat.

“Thanks,” she said as she regained possession of her keys.

“Good night, sweet Fiona.” He brought her hand to his lips and brushed a scorching kiss against her knuckles and an answering burning ignited between her thighs.

Sweet. He called her sweet. She wanted to giggle, but stopped short of following the foolish reaction. “Good night, Chameleon.”

He straightened with a sharp jerk. “Please, call me…Cam.”

“Cam.” Nicknames already. She loved it.

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