Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's Saturday!!!

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Not a huge surprise. I think it's most people's favorite day of the week. But I decided to be extra celebratory this Saturday and list my five favorite ways to spend the day:

5. Farmer's Market: My local farmer's market sells goat's cheese and fresh pita bread. It's my favorite thing to buy there. There really is nothing like fresh goat's cheese smeared on warm pita bread.

4. Exploring Local Parks: I go to the park a lot with my kids during the summer. Even more so now that Pokemon Go has started. But Austin has so many parks that I find I often got to the same two or three parks during the week. The weekend gives me a chance to venture to new parks and see new sites.

3. Going Downtown: I live in suburbia. But it is a nice suburbia. There are a lot of restraints and sites just minutes from my house. But it's still not the same a downtown. I grew up in a small town so going to a proper downtown is still a novelty for me. I love driving downtown and checking out the shops and grabbing a bite to eat. It's not as easy during the week, though. Saturdays are a perfect day, however, to go for a drive and take in the sites.

2. Being Lazy: I like this one even more than going to a park or downtown. Just laying in bed next to my husband is one of the best ways to spend any day. Saturdays are the most likely day for this to happen, though.

1. Spending Time With the Family: My favorite way to spend a Saturday. I mean, until the kiddos start bickering :)

What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

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