Saturday, April 16, 2016

Decadent Day

Of all the days of the week, Saturday always feels like the most decadent. Fridays are full of anticipation for the weekend and Sundays always feel like prep days for the week starting. But Saturdays...Saturdays are pure decadence.

What are some of my favorite things to do on a Saturday?

5. Drinking coffee or in bed: Normally I'm a very big no food or drinks in the bedroom kind of person. I'm kind of (and by kind of I mean really) clumsy. But Saturdays are different. Saturdays I throw caution to the wind and savor a sup of coffee, or tea, in the comfort of my warm snugly bed.

4. Big breakfasts: During the week, cereal or a microwave breakfast sandwich has to suffice as breakfast, but on Saturdays I like to have a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, pastry, it's all on the list.

3. Sleeping in: We have two kiddos who have to be up and out to school very early in the morning. But Saturdays are our free day. I can stay in bed as long as I like.

2. Taking a long, hot bath: Is there anything more decadent than a long, hot bath? After a week of rushing from one chore to the next, it feels sinful to spend so much time soaking in a tub.

1. Good morning kisses: This one goes with the sleeping in. Since there are no constraints on my Saturday morning, I get to have as many good morning kisses as I like. And, since my husband is very good at kissing, I want a lot.

What are your favorite weekend activities?

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